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Found 1 result

  1. The MK Restaurant is located on the sixth level (5th floor) of the Central Festival Mall on 2nd Road. It is one of the six MK branches in Pattaya and the three hundred or so nationwide. Like all MK Restaurants, the Central Festival branch specializes in Thai-style hot pot meals cooked directly at the diners' tables, but also has an extensive a la carte menu. MK itself says the main offering of its restaurants is Thai-style "suki," although Thai-style hot pot cooking isn't very similar to Japanese sukiyaki. The MK hot pots are more akin to Chinese hot pot cooking, which has existed for at least 1,000 years in Chinese cuisine. The MK Restaurant at CF is spacious, brightly lit and very clean. Service is fast and attentive and has one special feature you won't find at many restaurants- more about that later. The diners order the ingredients for the hot pot- meat, seafood, veggies, noodles, dumplings, etc.- from an extensive photo menu. The waitress fires up the cooking plate under the pot of broth and the ingredients are added as they arrive. We ordered some dim sum as an appetizer and it came immediately. The main ingredient in our hot pot was finely sliced pork. Chicken livers: In goes the first set of ingredients: Then the tray of mushrooms went in: And the veggies: A taste test: And a sample to see if the pork and veggies had cooked long enough: One of many bowls out of the hot pot. The broth was delicious! There are different sauces with varying degrees of heat in which to dip each bite. My dinner companion: I'm not sure of the timing, but several times over the course of an evening the staff will do a line-dance routine to music. Just about all the staff - waiters and waitresses; bus boys; managers, etc, get into the act. It's fun and amusing, but the staff didn't really look like they were enjoying themselves. I really liked the hot pot meals I've had at MK. It's also very popular with Thai girls. How cheap or expensive it gets depends on what and how many trays of ingredients you order, but our meal came in at around 700 baht for two. Before anyone comments, I know there may be cheaper, more authentic and perhaps even better hot pot restaurants in Pattaya, but my companion asked to go MK at Central Festival. It was her choice. Our goal wasn't to eat in Pattaya's best hot pot restaurant, but to go to a restaurant she liked and she wanted to go the MK at Central Festival. Evil
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