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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I got question regarding as in topic. My passport got 4 sigle pages left, which is 8 sides to put stamps (4x2 each page got 2 sides)... My triple entry visa is going to run out and I got flight to laos soon, to get double entry thai visa, in Vientiane.. May b someone is good about it cuz got a lot experience, like how many pages do I need for laos visa (is it take whole page?) Then thai double visa, and then cambodia visa on my second entry + local immigration 30 days extension How much pages all that would take I think I got enough, but after that my passport will be used up.... My tripple visa used 3 pages = 6 sides with 2 cambodia visas and 3x30days extensions and all stamps... I plan to swap passport, I already called consulate and thay said its no problem they will issue new, its 1 month wait... So I try plan for it as I got to get new one anyway, when it would be best time to do it ? Right after I enter thailand from laos, or right after my second entry then I got 60 days in thailand, apply passport wait 30 days recive it, then I can use old one with visas in it (show both to immigration) I dont have any back to back visas, just full of thai tourist visas, but 3 weeks holidays Im first time on tripple visa... Exchanging passport will clear it means its easier to apply for visas even in the same place? As passport be with no visas in it... Thanks for info
  2. Hi, got a question, I plan to go to thailand, stay as long as i can with my gf... So looking on visa options for myself. I am on polish (Poland), passport, I found on visa application form something like this: "TOURIST VISA Tourist Visas are available with one, two or three entries. The one (1) entry visa has a validity of three months from date of issue. The two (2) and three (3) entry visas have a validity of six months from date of issue. On arrival in Thailand with a valid Tourist Visa nationals of the following countries are entitled to remain in Thailand for up to 60 days with each entry: 1. Australia 2. Austria 3. Bahrain 4. Belgium 5. Brunei 6. Canada 7. Denmark 8. Finland 9. France 10.Germany 11.Greece 12.Iceland 13. Indonesia 14. Ireland 15. Israel 16. Italy 17. Japan 18. Kuwait 19. Luxembourg 20. Malaysia 21.Monaco 22. Netherlands 23, New Zealand 24. Norway 25. Oman 26. Philippines 27. Portugal 28. Qatar 29. Singapore 30. South Africa 31. Spain 32. Sweden 33. Switzerland 34. Turkey 35. U A E 36. U K 37. U S A Nationals of all other countries are entitled to stays of maximum 30 days with each entry. If you have been granted a Tourist Visa please note the following:- a) With a ONE entry Tourist Visa you must ensure you enter Thailand within the validity of the visa which is 3 months from date of issue. With a TWO or THREE entry Tourist Visa you must ensure you enter Thailand on your final visit before expiry of the visa which is 6 months from date of issue. On first arriving in Thailand pass through Thai Immigration where you will be granted either a 60-day or a 30-day stay, according to your nationality, and will receive a stamp in your passport giving the date you enter (ADMITTED) and the date by which you must exit (UNTIL). It is most important not to stay in Thailand beyond the exit (UNTIL) date or you will be fined when leaving the country and you could be detained. It is not permitted to stay continuously in Thailand for more than 60 (or 30) days but if you have a visa with more than one entry which has not been used you can re-enter for further stays of 60 (or 30) days until you have used up all entries. If you have a visa with more than one entry and wish to stay in Thailand for a further 60 (or 30) days it is necessary to visit a Thai Immigration Border Control Office before your 60 (or 30) days the stay expires, exit Thailand into a neighbouring country and re-enter to activate your next 60 (or 30) days. You can keep doing this until you have used all your entries provided this is within the validity of your visa. At the end of your only or final stay you must leave Thailand and you cannot re-enter until you obtain a new visa. A visa cannot be saved for use on a second or third visit on the basis that first entry is for a stay of 30 days or less. Exiting Thailand within the length of stay granted means forfeiting any remaining days granted for that visit." Poland is not on the 60 days countries list, is that means i would get 30 days, then after 30 days have to go laos and back to activate second 30 days entry? Is it 3 x 30 days in total ? like 3 months, not 6 ? Thank You
  3. Hello everyone, What a long strange trip it has been so far right? Some background info: I am 26 now and been a member of this forum for about 8 years and at last I need some real help from you guys. I have been in Thailand 12 times ( every time 2-3 weeks ) so far with my first time in 2001 as a 14 year old and my last time 2 years ago when i was 24. I might post my big and long Thailand story some time but for now I'll keep it strictly professional. Well the basic idea is to move to Thailand this year. I have an uncle living in pattaya who owns a hotel+bar but I would like to be working and living in Bangkok. I am actively looking for a job in my sector in Thailand but as I just started today I have no responses yet. I am the owner of a Belgian webdesign&marketing company ( currently I have 2 people working for me ) which is doing good, but the dream has finally taken a decision to move. And ofcourse the long waiting girlfriend is driving me too. Im sure I will have hundreds of questions but some of the basic ones are : The visa and work permit I have read that a non immigrant visa type B is needed for working in Thailand and in most cases is obtained by a company which you'll be working for right? What is the estimate time of approval and the costs involved here? Living in BKK As bangkok is the center of business in Thailand I would like to live here. Is the company arranging this normally? And if not, how much should I expect to pay for rent every month for a decent apt/studio. Salary I'm fully aware that in most cases a normal Western salary wont apply to a job in Thailand so i'm looking for an estimate to calculate things by. Some info: I am 26 years old , turning 27 in March I have studied computer sciences and am very very good in design, webprogramming and marketing. I have been in a sales position for 8 years now, with management functions for about 4 years now. I am fluent in English, Dutch and French. I am also taking up Thai lessons as we speak. The language I am starting to learn Thai online. Do you guys have some decent resources or can recommend a service/product ( doesn't have to be free necessarily ) The internet nowadays Besides having a daytime job in Bangkok I would also like to freelance and expand my webshop platform from Thailand, how are fixed and mobile connections now in Thailand and the costs of it? At last Can anyone render an estimate of a normal months expenses ( me + girlfriend ) living in BKK? Thanks alot for the help guys!
  4. Thought this be of use for anyone who wants to move to Pattaya but doesn’t know what to do here... A new ebook has just been published that tells you everything about teaching English as a Second Language in Thailand. If you're thinking of getting a TEFL Certificate, this reveals everything you'll need to know to pass the course and land your first job. If you’re already teaching and need inspiration, or just want to hear a fellow teacher’s experiences of life inside a classroom, there are dozens of plug-and-play lessons and even more anecdotes. Teaching English is written by Lonely Planet author Mark Beales, who has taught near Pattaya for the past eight years. As well as being a writer, he is Head of English at an international school and an experienced EAL teacher. You can buy the ebook on Amazon or, if you don’t have a Kindle, head to Lulu, where you can also download it for 120 baht, less than a pint of Guinness.
  5. Good day to all, I am happy to have found this site and wish to share my experience to all people who are thinking about or currently trying make a Marriage Visa or Fiance Visa for a Thai lady, whether you live in Pattaya or Bangkok or anywhere else for that matter, the process is the same. Please post any other names of scam companies that you may have been victim too and share any info you may have about the visa process to help a future person out. I think by telling you my story, I can help answer a lot of questions you may have, and please, BEWARE OF LAZY/SCAM LEGAL COMPANIES WILLING TO HELP YOU WITH UNREALISTICALLY FAST TIMES OR REALLY CHEAP PRICES. A brief intro to my situtation, I am from the U.S. and have been in Pattaya since Dec 2011 living with my now current wife. I tried to make a visa, marriage or fiance, so my girlfriend could go to the U.S. with me and we could live together. I am a former U.S. Marine and I am now finished with the military and have been studying the last 3 years. My net worth is low which is important for which type of visa you apply for. We started looking for legal help in March 2012 to start the visa process. Here is what I found out: FIRST, BEWARE OF SCAM COMPANIES. The main reason I am posting ths is so nobody goes to the same legal company I did because they stole my money and did NOTHING for me in terms of processing my visa. The name of this SCAM company is "Linian Legal" and they are located on Third Road within a 3 minute walk from the intersection of 3rd Road and Pattaya Klang. They have a big yellow sign that says "Linian Legal" and I wish to tell everyone to avoid there services because they did nothing but steal my money and waste my time until I gave up with trying to get them to do anything and switched companies. Beware, Linian Legal is a scam!!! Do not go to them for Visa help, it seemed like they had other files and cases they were working on, but I was one of the only Visa cases they ever worked on and they just told me they could do it in two months and made me pay the 15 thousand baht deposit up front. They either were stupid or malicious, but the fact they didn't refund my deposit after two months had passed and they didn't even come close to applying for the visa, let alone getting it in that time makes me want to warn anyone else to never use their services. Now, the INFO about visas! Keep in mind, I am from the U.S. and the process is much harder and different for the U.S. then say England or Australia, but I hope this can help if you are from Europe none the less. The process takes about 8 - 12 months, and this is AFTER you submit to the embassy so get started NOW if you think you are serious about the girl. Some people might want to try to submit the visa form without legal help, but be warned that if you make one mistake or are missing one document, it might take months for them to contact you that they need to restart the process because you mispelled something or forgot a document. Unless you live in Thailand or don't mind waiting 2 years or so to live with your wife, I stongly suggest legal help. Now, to get a marriage or fiance visa? This depends on your net worth (or if you're already married). The embassies main concerns is that you are not a pimp making fake visas for girls you want to sell into prostitution, you can take care of her financially when she enters your country and will not immediately (or ever) have to apply for welfare and that she is not Osama Bin Laden's cousin who wants to take down some buildings. That's really all they are concerned about, and what determines if you should get a marriage or fiance depends a lot on your income. If you don't have hundreds of thousands of dollars in your savings or assets it might be hard to get a fiance visa, not impossible though, I sadly don't know the specific amounts that the embassy views as good savings, but they do want to see you have a job that makes over 23,000 dollars a year in order to get the visa. I am a graduate student, so I do not have that income yet. So, with that said, if your income is low, you will need a SPONSOR for a marriage or fiance visa. This can be a parent or rich uncle or family friend who is willing to fill a form disclosing all their assets and sign a statement saying that if this person ever applies for welfare, the gov can come and seize those assets to pay for the programs the thai woman received. However, if you have the income, you don't need to get a sponsor. IF YOU NEED A SPONSOR because your income is low, you should apply for the marriage visa rather than fiance because the embassy person might feel that a fiance is not a strong enough commitment. The fear is that you will get her to the U.S., get in a fight before you are legally married and then leave her on the street with no where to go and no money to get home. But if you are already married, it shows them a stronger committment has been made in your relationship and there is less fear of you leaving her in the cold so it makes it more likely they won't give you grief on your visa applicaiton about low finances or a sponsor. And also, as it was explained to me, is that if your parent is the sponsor, it is taken seriously if you are married because she is like family to your parent so the embassy can't deny a marriage visa over money because it's like the mother is sponsoring a daughter. Not sure how accurate that is, but it kind of makes sense. Keep in mind, to apply for the marriage visa, YOU NEED TO BE MARRIED FIRST. You can get married in Thailand and the U.S. gov recognizes a Thai marriage. SIDE NOTE: GETTING MARRIED IN THAILAND. This can be done in about three days if you have the time, a car and the patience to not go crazy at Thai gov offices. You need to go to your embassy and get a Marriage affidavit saying you are single. then you need to get that translated anywhere and then go to the Thai Foreign Ministy in northern bangkok and get it stamped by the Thai Gov. Then, you can go to a Thai Amphur, most cities have Amphurs including Pattaya, they are like City Halls I guess, and they can marry you there. Do a google search for the process, it's very easy and you can do this yourself if you don't mind running around, or you can pay almost any visa company in Pattaya to do it for you for 15000 baht. If you have the funds and are just in a hurry to get it processed, go for the Fiance visa. How the process for Fiance and Marriage visas work is you send the Marriage or Fiance Petition to the USCIS office in TEXAS or California or New Hampshire. there are a couple offices you can send it depending on where you live. USCIS is US Customs and Immigration, and it will go to their office and sit on their desk for about 3-5 months. For the FIANCE Visa, After they stamp it and check she's not in any terrorist databases or on the FBI wanted list, they will send the package to the U.S. Embassy in bangkok and they will call your girl for an interview. She will have to show a police check and a medical check as well as pictures proving you've actually seen each other in person and ask her questions about you like whens your birthday and other BS. Then the embassy will tell you shortly (either that day or in a few days) if your visa was approved or denied. For the Marriage Visa, you send your Marriage petition to USCIS just like the fiance visa, but after USCIS stamps it, they send it the National Visa Center in New Hampshire I believe. There, they start the green card process and that takes 2-3 months in their office. Then the NVC sends the package to the U.S. embassy and do the interview like explained above. So for the fiance visa your package goes like this: Mail to USCIS IN U.S. 3-5 MONTHS They process and send to embassy in Thailand 1-3 MO Embassy calls your fiance requesting interview in which she must bring photos, health and police docs and your financial info, decision is made shortly after interview. TOTAL TIME 7-10 months Marriage visa is same as above but after USCIS it goes to Nat. Visa Center adn adds 2 months to the time If you get the fiance visa, you must get married within 3 months of arrival or she will be illegal and likely deported. apx fees: 420 dollars for USCIS 400 some dollars for NVC no fee for embassy interview (I think) 200 for police and doctor checks Fiance does not include NVC fee but you'll pay that after you get married. Conclusion: if your in a hurry to get the visa, do fiance. If you don't have a lot of cash, do marriage. If you want to wait to get married, do fiance. Please post here any other SCAM companies or if you recommend other companies. I switched to a company TSL and Associate Co., they are located in a huge office with more than 20 employees and they've been there more then 20 years and they told us all the documents we still needed and they were just awesome and fast with everything. They knew the process inside and out, and I am relaying that info to you. But they are important for reviewing and translating all your documents. They charge 54,000 baht which isn't cheap but you pay in installments and other companies like Visa King on Pattaya Klang and Visa King on Pattaya Nua are run by Brits and I'm sure do great work but charge 100,000 baht or 95,000. Not sure if that includes the doctor fee, but its still a little pricey, BUT DON'T GO CHEAP LIKE I DID AND GET BURNED. TSL is right across the street from the embassy and have a great staff. their number is 02-251-8130 Take care and good luck!
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