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Found 39 results

  1. Well well. Somebody is attacking the issue of public space usage by businesses and vendors. This article is pretty funny on the subject. From http://www.khaosodenglish.com/detail.php?newsid=1443087003
  2. Before all you ex pats and Pattaya legends start slating me LOL, i'll admit it, I'm another one ready to bite the dust LOL To get to the point I'm traveling to Pattaya on the 25th of next month for 10 days, I was meant to go to Pattaya with some lads but they dropped and left me to go it alone, I'm a 24yo british Asian and it's the first time I'm travelling alone, I just want any advice or any tips on what I should and shouldnt do, places to go and if there is anyone who fancies a pint when I get there! What can i expect there as a british asian as i've read somewhere that thai peoples attitude towards you can vary based on different nationalities etc? Also any advice on how much cash i should bring and would you recommend i do 5 days Bangkok and 5 days pataya or just do Pattaya all the way!! In regards to the BG,FL's 😉 are there any recommended steps to pick em' up lol or just approach em direct and ask em ow much which would be awkward? Lol Cheers in advanced!!! Thank you sirs! 👍😂
  3. New York Diner opened the first of August 2014. It's run by Insomnia and in the back, has access to the IBar back area. NYD is in the same location as the venerable Don Joe Italian restaurant (Walking Street) was located for many years. When I asked, I was told NYD is open from 4pm till 8am. This makes it ideal for a late late meal or snack on Walking Street. These photos were taken over 5 late night visits to NYD where I stopped in for a snack or light meal. The service is excellent, as is typical of Insomnia staff who are very well trained. The interior is nicely done up to show walls with New York skylines etc. Lighting is nicely done. You can eat in the street side area where smoking is allowed. There is plenty of air flow and the area is kept coolish, though it is open to the street, but out of the elements.Further back, you can find dining tables that look out over the bay, but there is a portal to IBar that brings in a lot of loud music, so I found it difficult to carry on a conversation. The food..well, every dish I had was very high quality...good ingredients, generally well prepared. The only problem was the portion size was rather small (IMHO) for every dish. I've had spaghetti bolognese (not pictured yet), Caesar salad, eggs Benedict, chili cheese fries, and macaroni and cheese, all dishes to check out their claim to be a "New York" diner. They did damned well..if you can ignore the higher cost for comparable offerings of these dishes at other venues. Comments about the dishes are in each of the photo descriptions. Okay, it's on Walking Street, attached to Ibar and Insomnia..expect to pay a premium for being open late night, convenience of location, highly trained service, ambiance, quality interior, and quality ingredients...it's not that much, and considering the dishes I had were simple American diner choices, I'm not bothered really. i just wanted to point it out. I will definitely be a regular here if I find myself hungry at 2 or 3 a.m. on Walking Street. Recommended if you are in a similar situation. Caesar salad...a nice snack. Plenty of bacon and croutons, and the dressing was to my taste.. Eggs Benedict..eggs were poached well, but they skimped on the Hollandaise sauce. Streaky bacon was okay, but would have preferred back bacon. Also, the buns they used weren't close to the "standard" English muffin normally used. But, still, it was okay. Side shot of eggs Benedict. Just not enough sauce...they were only open a day or so at this time, so I expect things to have improved. Will try again Chili cheese fries (chili with fries and melted cheese)...delicious..smallish portion for the price, but still, about the best I have had around town. Chili cheese fries side view. Quite expensive for this small dish. Carl's Jr charges 79 baht and Tigglebitties is 150 baht, and both of their portions are bigger..but I have to give the nod to the taste of the chili cheese fries at New York Diner. Interior view in the back dining area. Macaroni and Cheese...very very good. Also very very expensive for this dish..279 baht as I recall. But, it was a nice dish, cost aside. Lots of bacon and cheese, and though the portion is once again, sort of small, the richness of the dish did fill me up as a snack. Lap moo..spicy. I tried it...I have had better from street vendors though, but my companion, wanted to have it. She didn't complain. Of course, she also ordered som tam.
  4. Just thought I would let members know that due to the coup, and until things get back to normal, Babydolls will be opening from 3.00pm until 9.30 pm from TODAY. Of course the situation is still quite fluid and things may change again, but I understand that Misty's, Sapphire and a few others in Soi 15 will be doing much the same. As this is the first day, we are trying, hoping, & praying that we manage to get our Thai staff out of bed and into the bar on time today, but either way, we expect to have a full complement in by tomorrow. Hope to see you there to beat the curfew blues.
  5. As most of you know, his majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej's birthday falls on December 5th, and this is also designated as Fathers Day in Thailand. In respect of this auspicious occasion, and to give our staff the opportunity to celebrate with their families, Babydolls will be closed this Thursday ( Dec 5th ) for one night only. We re-open on Friday December 6th as normal.
  6. Life is never dull in Pattaya, and as many of you already know Babydolls Manager Phil, ( AKA Mr. Egg ) has decided to leave Babydolls. As widely speculated he will take up the position vacated by Haydn at Secrets. Secrets is a great bar and I am sure Phil will do well for them. Both Terry and I thank Phil for his 14 months of hard work at Babydolls and we wish him every success in his new position. Equally well known ( but we are pleased to confirm ) is the fact that Paul, formerly at Paradise Agogo ( Soi LK ) will be taking over the Managers job at Babydolls. For those of you who don't know him, Paul is a fellow Brit who has been working in the Pattaya bar industry for quite a number of years. He will be delighted if you stop by to say hello. Who knows, you may even get a drink out of him ?? We are also delighted to announce that we will be adding to the Babydolls team with the addition of a full time 'Guest Relations Manager'. Larry ( Soi 7 - formerly of Secrets Bar) needs little introduction to most people around the Pattaya forums, and he will be a very strong addition to Babydolls. We are within a couple of days of finalising work permits and then we will get the guys to work. Welcome to Babydolls. Terry and I look forward to working with you both.
  7. Just a quick heads up on what's coming up next month .......... We ran this promo quite a while back and it was a very popular way to tackle the " low season blues", so here we go again.
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