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Has anyone out there any imput on hotels in Pattaya that has facilities for a wheel chair user.I write on behalf of a mate who now requires a wheel chair to get around but can get around a room with his frame.He would prefer a hotel in Pattaya itself and not Jomtiem.Hope someone out there can help

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On my last stay in Pattaya there was a group of gentlemen who were wheel chair bound and they all stayed at the Sabai-Lodge on the first floor. They are not really set up for wheel chair access, but they were able to get around by using the entrance by the salathai restaurant.


They had no problem getting around as long as they stayed on the first floor. As for their meals, they would either use room service or have their meals served by the pool area. as for their TGF's it was not a problem. They were very helpful and I even saw one riding on the back of a powered wheel chair while on walking street. For transportation around the town, they would hire a van capable of loading their wheel chairs and they would then be off.



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My wife is in wheelchair and we stayed Pattaya from July to begining of Sept.. Walking around with wheelchair is really hard, especially beach road with side walk and beach side preasance is under construction, so our way is closed at every where.


I know there are three hotels have handicaped friendly rooms. They are,

Woodland resort



Thai Garden Resort

north pattaya rd.



Sunshinevista serviced apt.



There is a step at the entrance of the handicaped friendly room of Thai garden resort. The step is about 20 cm high.

The entrance of the Sunshinevista has also a step, it's about 5 cm. Further, you must crime the steep path to the hotel entrance、 it's so steep to crime by yourself in wheelchair.  But, usually a gurd or a boy is around there, and they will help you.

I don't know about Woodland resorts.


We stayed at Markland and at Sunshine Vista. Markland is easy from the road to the room. If a man can walk within the room, this place may be not bad.

As written above it's rather hard trip from the road to the room at Subshine Vista, the hotel itself is convenient for handicaped. They has a handycaped friendly toilet near the reception. It has two rooms for handicaped. We stayed normal room (not handycaped friendly), but it is still good for my wife. Wife could go toilet walking with support by herself. The room has bathtub and shower room separately. I bring a chair from verandah, wife take shower with sitting the chair.

Next time we will stay Sunshine Vista again.

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