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Airfare websites?

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I have used some of the following for discounted airfares to Thailand from the US. Not in any particular order of preference.










There must be other travel agencies that specialize in travel to Thailand that offer airfares over the web. Anybody able to add some names to the list?

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Don't overlook the possibility of getting cheap flights to neighboring countries then taking a cheap regional carrier to your destination of choice. I've had good luck with Air Asia to BKK from Malaysia and Singapore. Be forewarned that I've also heard from others some negative reports about promptness of their flights, though. You have to sacrifice something for the cheap fares, but in my experience the service and quality of the aircraft have not been sacrificed, I've only heard that the schedule sometimes is.

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As a cheap Charley I like to save money when I fly to LOS. I can book UA from Philly to BKK for $695++ and the trip takes 28 hours. If I fly to S'pore, I have to lay over for almost 8 hours till I can get to BKK and the cost is $805++. If UA has a plane problem at Narita and since Narita is UA hub for Asia they have replacement aircraft available. The cheap airlines don't.


Personally I don't want to take the risk involved with the cheap airlines. My time in Pattaya is more valuable then money saved. 2guns

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If you're in Europe check out www.ayway.com

I got 520 Euro for Paris-BKK last trip.

I thought the 4 hour layover in Dubai was worth the 75 Euro saving over the next cheapest.

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