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Hi "Ferocious",


I am flying China Airlines for the 5th time in early March and would always go Dynasty Class with them. It is a full business class, but does not compare to some other companies I have flown with (ie BA or Swiss). Seats recline to a comfortable degree without being fully flat and the food is pretty good. Drinks flow pretty freely and they had no problems leaving us bottle after bottle of red wine throughout the flight.


Klm ferries all passengers to the China Airlines flight from all over Europe so there is no problem if, for some reason, the plane is late. Amsterdam must be one of the most user friendly airports around and even has a casino if that is your fancy.


The best thing about them (and the reason they are now my Airline of preference for Bangkok trips) is the business class price. I fly from Geneva Switzerland via Amsterdam and the price for March was around Sfr 2,000 (around £850). BA would be around Sfr 5,000 and Swiss somewhere in between the 2. Their departure and arrival times also suit me as you leave Amsterdam at 14.30 and arrive BKK at around 07.30 in the morning. Perfect for a taxi to Pattaya for a midday checkin or to reach the "Morning Night" on Suk. Soi 4 for its 10.00 opening.


Hope this helps although more generalities than specifically on the Man-Ams-Bkk route.


Have a good trip,


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i fly china from bham i upgrade to dynasty you leave from local airport to ams on a small city hopper plane normal seat . you can access the lounge on your way out from ams and on your return from bkk airport, though when your back at ams you cannot get back into the lounge.good flight and excellent price i would recomend. also its worth registering for the air miles if you plan on doing a few trips i have 40000 miles at the moment with one more trip that should give me enough for a free upgrade the next time.

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I've flown Dynasty class a few times in the past and the seat size offers excellent value for money.


Make sure that you have 2-3 hours in Amstedam as i've had a few problems with luggage not being on the same flight as me.



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