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Songkran Dates this year??

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Hi all,


Can any of you locals help me out with the scheduled start/finish dates for water tossing in Ptya this year?


I'm planning a trip and although it's fun for a couple of days, I find it wears a bit thin after that.


Last year I seem to recall it went from around the start of April till the 19th.


Cheers, lemons

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The official Songkran holidays this year are April 13, 14, 15. Pattaya adds one of two days before and after that. Be prepared to act like a big kid in a water balloon fight, or get out of dodge because you will be fair game to all during this time.

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Thanks to you for the replies. Looks like I will be there again this year during the water throwing! I bolted south to 'bodia last year after getting a fat lip from a tennis ball size piece of ice hurled at me in a bucket of water - not by a Thai of course, but a farang reliving his kindy days.


Cheers, Lemons

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