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You'll get quality shirts made in Pattaya no problem.



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I would hazard a guess that they are much the same. I had some business shirts made when last in Pattaya and they are excellent quality made from Italian fabric. If I could find the receipt I would tell you the tailers name & address.

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I have gone one better...


My Tailor was so good in Pattaya that he now visits me in the UK

he is currently staying at my house until Thursday when he heads of to Plymouth

So now I do not have to wait until I go to Thailand to get my new stuff I can get him to bring all the samples etc to me and he then gets the gear made up and shipped out to me.


He also cooks a killa Curry which I am looking forward to eating tomorrow night

His Details are...


ODERMARK Collection

Mr Poula

164/3 M.9 Pattaya 2nd Road

Opp. Green House Plaza


Look him up I highly recommend his services, very friendly very helpful

Always greets me with a Vodka Coke and an ashtray, hehe

ask to see the stock he cannot keep in the shop, very nice gear

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