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You can buy one 1500 - 2000 Bt. (Carrefour, Big C, markets ...). Doesn´t make much sense to rent. Also makes a nice impression (Jai Dee Maak Maak) for your friend when you present her this gift on your last day .....



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Buy a "multi-regional" player.....if you can find one....


They have the guts tweeked to "read" any DVD made anywhere.


My American purchased DVD player would NOT read DVD's bought in Mexico...


I am sure it is the same with DVD's purchased in Asia.

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Just an idea. I plan on bringing a DVD player to LOS that I'm going to purchase here in the States. It's $36 at Walmart and a little bigger than a school textbook. It's a good way to check to make sure that DVD's purchased in Thailand will work in the US. The only problem I can foresee is US DVD player compatibility with a Thai television. They might have differant signals/receivers. The DVD's I've purchased, so far, in Thailand have worked fine in my US player at home.

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I purchased a Philips DVD player when I was in Pattaya this year

paid 3000 Baht for it at Lotus , slim design & is multi regional.


Checked on the price at a local shop when I came back here to OZ & it was $149 AUD or 4600 Baht


It has played all the DVD's I have bought back from Thailand plus the copies I have done here in OZ.


For those bringing DVD players fron overseas or planning to take them back may want to check what current they can handle.


The model I bought can run 110 volt to 240 volt, unsure if all DVD players are like this or not

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I have my doubts that any DVD player for sale in Thailand is not Multi-Region.

That said, you should rather buy the small player here (shop around at the Soi Buakao Market, the Naklua Market, the Thepprasit Road market, and of course the big Supermarkets) in order to bring it back to the states than other way round.

In general, the illegitimate DVDs are all region free, but most of them are PAl and not NTSC. (Exceptions to this rule are many, though).

Most if not all DVD Players bought in Europe, Asia, Australia or elsewhere are capable of both the NTsc and the PAL format. Only in America (splendid isolation me thinks) the bulk of them only speak NTSC.

Now, there are two compatibility issues you will come across with using DVDs worldwide:


1.) Region Coded. The world is set into 5 or 6 regions, and in theory a DVD Player bought in one region plays only disks coded for the same one.

USA is region 1, Europe is 2, Thailand is 3 ....

Solution: Buy illegitimate DVDs instead of copyrighted ones. They are region free.

Also a Region Free DVD Player (some of them are sold that way, like in Thailand where one has to look hard to find a region-coded one) takes care of this problem.


2.) NTSC or PAL, these are picture formats. USa uses NTSC, the rest of the world PAL. (Again, some important exceptions to this rule apply ...). A Disc coded NTSC can not be watched on a PAL equipment, and vice versa.


Solution: Buy a Multi-Format DVD Player AND TV! Most if not all TVs and Players sold worlwide are capable of playback of both standards. Only in America ..... But I keep hearing that newer TVs in the states can now play back PAL as well.


So make shure that a.) your TV back home has NTSC and PAL playback. And then buy a cheap multi-standard and Region Free DVd Player in Thailand, and you're set!


Hope that helps!



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On the recommendation of Soi 7, I purchased a Cyberhome DVD player last year from Best Buy for about $38. It was PAL/NTSC TV systems supported but I had to do something using the remote to make it work in LOS. It was very simple as Soi 7 told me what to do over the phone and took less than a minute.

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I took some DVDs and VCDs with me last time. Mostly bootlegs imported from Hong Kong. Just to show the girls what was expected of them. :ph34r:

I can play them here (PAL) with only a minor tweak on my DVD player.


They played with no problem on the DVD player in my hotel room.

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