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It is very, very guest-friendly(they don't even collect ID's). It used to be a first-class accomodation, but the hotel has slipped some, as it has aged. The reception area is still very impressive. My next trip, I'm spending a couple of days at the Grand President Bangkok, and will post my review thereafter.

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I stayed at the Landmark November 2005. The room was a deluxe Lifestyle room. One thing I can say the beds are the best I have slept in, within Thailand. THe close proximity to Nana plaza(its around the corner) is really helpful for hobbyists. Another feature I liked is the fact that you can be dropped off and picked up curbside at the hotel's driveway, which some places in Sukhumvit aren't capable of doing.


The hotel is guest friendly. I brought in two escorts and they did not even ask for id's at the reception desk. Lastly, the brunch is very very good and worth every penny. The service that I encountered with two other friends I travelled with was up to 4 star standards.


The only deterrent I would have staying there again is they do not offer the old "2 for one" offer. The offer was a choice of two rooms for the price of one, or two nites for the price of one. A pricepoint that made my choice all the more easier.

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