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We opened our upstairs bar last week and had a party to celerbrate. Don't thnk anyone from this board turned up! So for those who missed it here are some pics of what you missed.





This is one of me. I'm the one in the White Shirt!





Another of me and 2 friends.





This is My Wife (The one in black)















A great time was had by all. The Free food and the free Lesbian Show was also a hit!!!!


At the moment we are adding more space to the upstairs bar but it should be opened again in a few days. When it does we wll be throwing another party. This time I hope some board members could visit. It would be great to see you.


Till then, thanks to those board members that have visited and supported us. This is only the 3rd month of owning Drunks & Dare-A-Licks and I must admit that owning a bar is a lot harder than I thought it would be but so far I am still enoying the experiance.


See you all soon

Chris & Kaew


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Great pics Chris. Looks like it was a great night.


There are several petty fetishes that i have when it comes to Thai chicks. One is short hair and another is Chicks who wear glasses.


SO please tell me some more about the above girrrl !!!! :D Will hopefully be in some time in February for a beer and a bar babe.

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Yes it would help if I said where the bar was!

Drunks & Dare-A-Licks, Soi 9, Jomtien.

We are an indoor air con bar and resteraunt.

Menu items available 1pm till 1am and special BBQ nights for Steak and Pork Chops on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays 7pm till 10pm.

Happy Hour Draft 1/2 pt 45 baht. I pint 80 baht. (1pm till 6pm)


Chris & Kaew

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I heard good things about your steak bbq before you bought the bar, though I never got there to try them. I'll make a point to visit you in the future.

Looks like a great party!

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Hi Chris


Great pics and looks like you all had a ball. :D


You will never know how hard I tried to get to your bar back in October. :poke


Every day we would say, tomorrow let's go to that guy's bar in Jomtien, it's only down the road – (we were in the Residence Garden).


But, like all plans in Pattaya, they all went to ratshit. :gulp


I'm back in May and am planning to visit your bar.


Best of luck mate. :unsure:

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Me too, I wanted to come by your bar and had it on my "to do list" in November, but just never got that far.


I wish you luck and keep promoting in this section and I am sure if the quality of your ladies holds up you will be getting more board members to stop in.


I have already heard about the great food.


Good Luck!



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Looks like a good place to have some fun. The girls look like a fun bunch. And you have food also. You should probably update your web site. The girls in your post are a lot nicer looking than those on the web page. I will see you on my next trip.

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D & D is just about the closest bar to my Condo so I have visited a few times and I have made one b/fine. If Bow finds out when she returns I am a dead man!


Both Chris and his wife are really nice people and I wish them well.


Look forward to hearing when you are going to have the next upstairs party. :banghead

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Chris Thanks for info , always prefer drinking at bars witch imput to this site , or I have conversed with over net . Good to put a friendley face to keyboard contact . I enjoy Jomtein Beach and now I will have a bar to stop into :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Being an Aussie we love a barby so will definetley meet up with you next year ,

All the best Bruiser

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Thanks for the posts. Some really good lookers you got there. I wish your bar was not so far away from the action of walking street though. I've yet to venture past soi 16 before! I hope to make a visit to your place in the next 2 weeks. Cheers. :banghead

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Just to let everyone know our next Party will be on Dec. 24th, Xmas Eve. starting about 7pm but main show about 10pm. Tripple this time instead of double, If you know what I mean!


Free food and lots of fun.


Hope to see you there,

Chris & Kaew

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