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Merry Xmas Adam


Just talked to Nee ,seems your Bar is full .


Hope this will stay stay same for you as you are well respected

by many BMs also the Tgs who work for you.


AND what about their xmas gifts ,CONDOMS

now that was a noval idea :behead


Shame Nee used her gift on anther falang last night :allright

But would have been no good for me as it was small size :drunk


See you in March :D

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Dear Santa,


You suck ! :allright You made the Chelly Ba your first stop and stayed there ! There are now hundreds of horny falangs all over the world with no XMas pussy. Hope you're happy !


PS - I hope Cupid can do better in F-E-B-R-U-A-R-Y :D

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