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qatar deals for jan/feb/mar @ £336 ret

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BA and Qantas now have January sale on, until the 23rd Jan (i think)


Heathrow/Bangkok £480.


Direct flight - 12 hours


Not sure about the allowable fly dates though.

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Sounds a great deal. I have just visited their website and am being quoted 535.00 Leaving 21 March. What dates were you searching???

don't use the search engine, on the right you should see a link for bangkok @ £360. on the following page you should see the offers available :party


ps. prices may vary depending on dates. 21 march seems to be ok but the return could affect your price



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Just had quote from airline-network with Qatar from LGW. departing on 16th March

and returning on 5th April at £235 + £125 tax Total for flight £360 think that great price.




It's a good price but highlights the excessive taxes......35% of the cost!




I hope to fly Qatar back to UK in March.

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