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BKK-Pattaya in a Van with a girl or two

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With everyone coming to Pattaya with the same goal, I'm surprised someone hasn't started offering rides with female companions to soothe the weary traveller.


To me it would seem like a great business opportunity and a service that would fit well with the clientel of this route.


By the way, this newbie is coming on the 14th from Los Angeles on Thai Air to arrive at 6:40am. I have booked Mr. Toom.

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Hi Spoiler

This facility is offered by a few of the go go's. I think Mistys is one of them. The only problem I can see is that even if you select the girls from their site they cannot guarantee that you will get the girls you picked

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I think I'd be tired, hungry, wired from the flight. Probably worrying about check in and getting the room I booked + I like to keep an eye on what the taxi driver is doing, just incase I need to assume the 'crash position'


+ imagine how smelly most blokes are, after a long flight?

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according to my research a bar called the "Classroom" offers this service. Costs about $150 US and you get to chose 2 ladies to accompany you and some drinks of your choice. They dont guarantee you will get the girls you pick from the internet so ask you chose 10 or so.... apparently it includes the girls barfine as well as a tip for the girls, anything else you may desire is extra ......


Hope that helps.



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Thanks for the input. I checked and Mistys has what I was thinking about but they want 12,000baht.... whoa.


For that amount, I'll wait till I get to town to start having fun.


Classroom has a less expensive alternative but will not pick up in early morning hours so that leaves me out on that one as well.

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