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Just a short note to let everyone know myself and 5 of my friends will be hosting a party at Catz on Monday, January 22 beginning about 2030. We have laid on the full International Buffet consisting of the following:


* A 9KG (20lb) American Grade "A" turkey

* A 5KG (11lb) home cooked ham

* Home marinated/cooked chicken in garlic, paprika and olive oil

* A variety of sausages

* Pork pie

* Home made potato salad with baby new potatoes, Hellman's mayonnaise, eggs, spring onions and chives

* Coleslaw

* Garlic bread

* Mixed salads


In addition, we will be providing about 300 "Jello Shots" of varying recipes for the enjoyment of our guests. We will even have some pineapple flavored ones!! Come on out and help us celebrate our friend "JT's" first trip to Pattaya.


We have taken special care to ensure that the entertainment on that night will be not to be missed.

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Sound like a memorable party but stuck in Udon for another week so will miss it but great way to celebrate a virgin trip.

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