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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.

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Hi all. I found an apartment on Fair Properties site that suited my wife and I perfectly at 25000baht.

I have to admit that the E Mail response was excellent and our questions were answered immidiately.

However when it got to the nitty gritty they wanted 25000baht deposit outwith the months rent.

I mean...what merits this....It seems their policy is to charge a deposit equal to a months rent (ie) 25000 or 35000 depending on the apartment. Needless to say I wont be using Fair Properties to aquire an apartment. If everybody does the same they might come to their senses. I think they want you to spend your returned deposit less costs at the airport before you go home.

Hope this is of help to anyone thinking of dealing with fair properties.

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Way too much... I'm asking 3.000 deposit upon arrival for my condo I'm renting out. Deposit is for the electricity and water and the rest is refundable. You can't beat the 3.000/ unit.

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Imagine someone renting out their lovely furnished property, and it gets completely trashed, The tenants do a runner, and the devastated owners only have a few thousand Baht deposit to try and restore the property to it’s former state.


There are properties where a small deposit is required because they are usually very basic, I have always said you only get what you pay for,


Fair Properties are acting on behalf of the owner, would you be prepared to rent out your property for a measly few thousand baht deposit ( that’s if you have one)


I know that I would not, no f****** chance

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I can see both sides on this issue. In the beginning when I planned on renting out my condos, I thought I would need a big deposit, but later understood it is unnecessary for a short term rental.


Obviously as an owner renting out my condos, I would like as much deposit as possible to cover any damages, but a high deposit is likely to put off customers, so 5,000B seems to be standard around for a short term rental. Long term is a different story all together. Actually, I haven't had anybody "trash" my condos at all with this small deposit, and have never had to keep one baht of a deposit yet in all these years. (I hope it doesn't start now!) People really take good care of the units well during their stay. Some customers obviously don't care about cleanliness very much, but that's nothing my maids can't solve at check-out.


If somebody trashed my condos and did a runner? I always check customer's passports and write down their information myself on the contracts upon check-in. I would not hesitate in contacting the police to seek them out. Whether that would help anything, I have no idea.

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Hi ...I did not mean to offend anyone by posting my findings...I can see the point of a condo being trashed ,but surely that is not commonplace. I doubt very much if 25000baht would cover a trashed apartment so passport details would ensure the culprit is apprehended before leaving the country.

25000 baht might not be a lot of money to some people but it is to me. I have been quoted a maximum of 20% from other agencies with more expensive properties. All I was doing was making people aware before they spend their time finding out for themselves.

ALL comments are appreciated.


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A TG I know who rents out her condo in VT3 had a farangs take the electronic key for the beach gate. The lead for the TV. Didnt hand back the keys. And took some other small stuff. Wanker. She hadnt asked for a deposit. It was the hassle to go and buy the right lead and renew the doorlock. I went with her. Charging a full deposit is fair, imho.

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My real estate agent takes the first months rent as a commission.


And twelve percent of the remaining payments as a management fee.


If the agent doesn't get at least two months upfront, there is nothing to

give to the owner.


Maybe the OP should rent the place on the stated terms, and then start

a management company offering great service with low commissions.

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I've never dealt with the company you mention,but I know someone who did,and from what they said to me,I wouldn't have any dealings with them.Also if you search on Thaivisa,there are several threads concerning this company,which are self explanatory.However,as several other posters have said,the concept of a months rent in advance plus a month as deposit is quite a normal business practice

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