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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.

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The Rideher Cup 2007 is open for entries!


Possibly the greatest golf event in Asia, this prestigious tournament is in it's 6th Year. This matchplay event pitches Europe's finest golfers against the cream of the USA. Mix in a few Aussies and Kiwis, blend with a Thai or two and you have a field of the world's greatest golfers!


This year's event will take place on 5th November at Burapha - the scene of Europe's crushing victory in 2006. Once again, European Captain Deuce will be leading his team of finely honed professionals against the USA captained by Grendel.


Full details about the event are on this web site. Entries will be limited to 24 for each team so get your name down fast.


To enter, post the following here on the board:


Your board name, handicap, nationality and shirt size.


Then send me an email to sales@solargolf.co.uk with your full name and your email address. I will then add you to the circulation list for more information about the event.


The cost will be around 3,500 baht including:


Green fee

Caddy fee

Buggy share



Souvenir polo shirt

Food and party at FLB on 5th November.


We will be holding a Captains selection evening at FLB on Sunday 4th November around 8.30 pm. This is where the captains select the pairings and order of play!


I know a number of you have already sent me your entry by email. Please post here to make sure that I haven't missed your entry.


With Europe leading the series by one, this is the chance for USA to pull level.


I look forward to a full turnout for the 2007 RideHer Cup.


Get those entries rolling in!



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Hi Doggie,

Bit of a worry me being first to sign up on here :D


Board Name: Steveo


Nationality: :sorry


Shirt Size: XXL


Duece and Grendel - you know records are there to be broken - no way will it be six in a row :D :sosad






OOpps - forgot to mention handicap.


Doesn't matter.





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Will be there again in body and sole (depending on drink the night before) :D :D


Stevo, I would be glad to have you on the Euro side but would not want to steal a class player off the Americans and cause bad feeling :D :D . I hear the monkeys are running for cover already.



Team: Europe

Handicap: 15

Size: Small (only kidding XXL)

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Hi Callum

Norway is coming whit the National team this year. We are 4 persons and vi have hcp from 10 to 30.

I while com back whit more details but count us in for 4 Persons.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Ockt/Nov.


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Hey Grendel,

Where are all your teamates? Looks like about 2 against 15 at the moment and you know what that means - the kiss of death will be playing for the U.S. :D



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Hi Guys,


Well I bought the tickets so now I am coming up with the spending $$. I will be there and looking forward to the RideHer part first and then taking back the "Cup". Steveo, I'm not worried mate, the last time I played with you you were doing pretty good and I was the one falling apart (Eastern Star I think it was).


I have not played in over 6 months so the handicap is up (as always) but once I get in a round I can comment better (thinking I may get some new clubs maybe that wil help, hahaha).


Shirt size, well in the US its XL so Thai I figure XXL or XXXL you tell me.



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After loosing the walker Cup (amatuer Men's) last week, and the solhiem golf (ladie's pro golf) today.

Us Euro's are only holding the Ryder cup and Rideher Cup in golfing team trophy's now.

So most important for us to deliver again this year

Cheers :D and back to the training team Europe


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Hi Doggie.

Love to play.


Board name. Elway69

H'cap 23

Nationality Scottish.

Shirtsize Large


Look forward to it.



Edited by elway69
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As you are aware, but for the record:




26 Handicap


British, of course!


Size: FB , but I am on a diet. :D

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