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Sinkorswims bachelor party, Thursday 30th Oct!

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Well I am finally going to make a honest women out of my girlfriend, for those that don't know she is pregnant and due to have a baby soon.


We have been together nearly 2 years and I have decided to take the plunge and get married. Hopefully this will be the last.


I am going to have one last big night of freedom :D_Party:and thought why not have a big piss up in Babydolls. I am going to have lots of fun games and lots of food.


The only rule is NO GIRLFRIENDS <grin


The doors will open at 8pm and food will be served a little later. I hope all the people that know me who are in town can pop in for a drink or 10. If the other party's we have had are anything to go by it should be a great night.

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What about my 'girlfriends' who work at Baby Dolls?


Ya - whats up with that?!? - I have several girlfriends that work there Would suck if they wern't invited! :clap2


Ok, now that that's settled.... will be there! Just dont take any of my girlfriends before I can choose one for the night! heh



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Here is a pic of me at the last Party in Babydolls for Ricky's birthday.....I was not even drunk so god help me tonight. Hope to see all my friends who are in town there tonight. :gulp :D :clueless




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