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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.

3Som Bar & Guesthouse, Soi LK Metro

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3Som Bar & Guesthouse is located off of Soi Dianna Inn, and Soi Lk Metro, nestled right in between Bob's BBQ and the rockhouse. So its a very, very, centralized and perfect kickoff point for heading to anywhere.


We not only have the 3Som Bar downstairs, which is quite comfortable, and a cross between a bar and a badass living room lol. Between the beautiful ladies and red light district feel, whether your playing bargames with the girls, or the Playstation on the big screen, or even shooting pool, the bar itself is a fantastic place to hang out. Add to that, Bob's BBQ will not only deliver any of your meals or snacks to the bar, but they will even deliver right up to your room!!!! We also have a nice selection of very beautiful ladies to keep you company, or to show you around the town, and they are always more then happy to play :D


As for our rooms, they feature all of the amenities you would expect in a 2000baht per night room, at a substantially lower price.


All rooms have tv/dvd, fridge/microwave, toaster/hot water kettle, free super speed wifi, rooms safes, computer workstation vanities with locking drawer, and many of the other drawers and cabinets are locking as well. All of our rooms also boast some of the softest mattresses available in Pattaya.


If you get up into our Deluxe rooms, one room has our signature series Super Bed, which is basically the biggest bed in Pattaya that I know of in existence. The other Deluxe room features a brand new, ultra-soft King Sized bed, so no sleeping on rock hard mattresses here lol. Both Deluxe rooms feature Euro style kitchens, complete with silverware and flatware, which housekeeping cleans daily for you as well.


We have 3 different size rooms to fit both your needs, and your budget.


Standard rooms- Very cozy rooms with full sized beds, all of the amenities listed above, and comparable in size to the similar style of rooms at Canterbury Tales. A comfortable room for the budget traveler, or just someone needing that place to lay their head down at night, why not do it in comfort though and save money at the same time!!


Mid-Sized Rooms- larger then the Standard rooms, all of the mid-sized rooms do have balconies, as well as a table and chair suitable for eating, working, or just kicking back and taking a break in. These rooms feature Queen size beds and blackout blinds (a very dark color scheme to help block out the most sunlight possible), as I know many of us sleep through the course of the day at many points in time lol. These as well, have a Euro style cooking station including; Microwave, fridge, toaster, and hot water kettle for coffee or Tea, as well you have a bit of room there to keep the silverware and flatware provided with the room.


Deluxe Rooms- Our top notch rooms for comfort and fun. Full Euro style kitchen setup including sink and storage. The rooms are extremely spacious, and rival any of those in the area for size. They are comparable in size and setup to the Large rooms at Liquid Lounge. Both rooms feature unforgettable beds. On one hand you have the 3Som Signature Series Super-Size King Bed, which is 1.5 times larger then a California King, so you can fit all of your guests comfortably for a good nights sleep. :sorry While our other Deluxe room has A standard size king bed, with an incredibly soft mattress, compared to the normal rock hard Thai mattresses. The bathrooms in these rooms are also quite large, being able to fit anywhere from 5-8 people in the shower at any given time, making them fun for everyone as well.


Room Rates are as follows


Nightly Weekly Monthly

STANDARD 500baht // 2,500baht // 7,500Baht


MID-SIZED 600baht // 3,500baht // 12,500Baht


DELUXE 700baht // 4,200baht // 15,500Baht



We will have our website up and running before the next week is out, but here are a few pics in the meantime. I will have more updates pics hitting the forums, and the website within the week.






























So whether its a stay in one of our rooms, a few drinks, the ladies, or even hosting your own party, we have you covered down at 3Som Bar!!


Sorry for a few of those pics too, so there is no confusion, the girl DOES NOT come with the bed :poke


To contact us here you can email or call:



Thai# +66 0848705334


I will get some better pics up for you all soon, and in the meantime, come on down and say hello to our lovelies and grab a drink!!!!!

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Sorry about the pics, they came up in the preview post, but just didn't land here I guess lol, putting them up now.


Ok pictures are up now, and sorry soi unwise lol, I did the post after work before I went to sleep yesterday, and had the monthly rates for one of the rooms in the weekly rate section.


The Deluxe rooms are 700baht per night, and 4200baht per week, monthly at 15,500baht. All corrected in the initial post along with the pictures. Sorry about that to all the rest of you guys too. I know I seen the pics in the preview, but they just didn't load I guess, and as for the mixup on the prices, I'll admit I was so tired I had double vision and had to fight to get the post done before I passed out for some long needed sleep.


But everyone that commented so far prior to me having the pics up and the correct prices lol, you all are welcome to come down and have a 100baht tab on my bin, free of charge, as I might not have even noticed the pics were missing and I had the prices wrong in the Deluxe and mid-sized sections. Thanks for your patience guys, and again, sorry for not re-checking my post. I hope that you all enjoy the pics, as well as the updates ones I will have coming in over the next day or two.


And I am also a true testament to this comment, don't sleep and type at the same time lol, I think in most cases though its don't drink and type more often then the lack of sleep :bigsmile:


I do also have some long term rentals available as well starting from 12,500 up to 16,000. I have 3 units potentially available, but 2 open right now for sure. If interested then PM me, and I will shoot you some pics of the newly renovated, painted, and brand new furniture in these long-stay efficiency apartments. No lease required, can get more into specifics. Some of these LT rooms do include utilities, while we charge for the others, you are given the same rate as what we pay for the utilities. No multiplying the utilities times 2 or 3X as much as actual cost, you really do get the actual cost.

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the room look pretty good at a good price, can you tell me if you have in room safety boxes?

Yes sir. All the rooms do have individual room safes. Rather then hiding them at the bottom of a cabinet, where they are somewhat hidden from view, even from you while you are sleeping and the TG's are perusing your rooms many time, we decided to take a different approach with the safes.


Our room safes are securely mounted to the solid concrete walls, and in plain sight in the rooms. We figure this actually serves as even more of a deterrent than hiding them for several reasons. The fact that they are out in the open, means that even if you were sleeping, a girl would still have to be in your line of sight to even attempt to play with the safes, so if you awoke, you would know exactly what they are doing.


As well, we have locking drawers, and cabinet doors, so you can fit the largest of laptops in these and still have the extra security. Between the keylock drawers and cabinets, and the plain view room safes, your belongings are completely secured.


and, do all the rooms have same room toliet with not seperated shower?


All the rooms do have the single toilet / shower combination in them Jerry. We actually have some newer bathroom racks by the showers to hold the array of shampoos and body washes that the TG's will often have lol. In our deluxe rooms though there is enough room to separate the toilets from the showers with the shower curtains, which we will be adding shortly.


I am working on the logistics to have the bathrooms a little bit different then others in the similar styles. One possibility might be 2 shower curtains in the bathrooms, one separating the toilet from the shower, and the other separating the shower from the sink and the door leading back to the rooms. Trying to give everything a bit of a unique feel, while at the same time keeping everything extremely practical.

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Thanks for the prompt answer! Toliet/Shower.


Shower curtains should hopefully do the trick, if they are of good quality and totally go to the floor?


I just don't like the idea of having an all encompassing wet bahtroom floor as I am in and out while using all facilities of same. Don't want to be tracking water all over the other floor and slipping on wet bathroom floor while shaving!

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