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The 3Som Official Alcohol King Drinking Contest!!!!!!!!!!

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Ok boys and girls, and everything else in between!!! The date has been set, now who has the balls to stand up to the challenge?? The time and the date are now set. Dec.27th we'll start meeting up at 8-8:30, and the challenge will start at 9pm on the dot


I figure this will be the best time to host the event, as there will be the most BM's in town, and it does not interfere with any of the holidays or other parties or events. All we need now is self-nominations from any BM willing to compete. I figure if we get too many BM's wanting to take part in the challenge, then I will put up a poll to help wind it down to the top 10.



The rules are and will be as follows, with NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!


Each contender will be given 4 A.M.F.'s placed in front of them, these 4 drinks will make up each round. The first half


1.) All contenders will start drinking at the same time, and be given 40 minutes to complete the round of drinks. (More then enough time to allow the booze to kick in, and everyone to finish their drinks.)


2.) The competition will consist of 3 NORMAL ELIMINATION ROUNDS. Basically that means that if anyone stops drinking or gives up at any point in the first 3 rounds, its an automatic DQ. Same goes for loosing it in the bar!!


Before being allowed to enter into further rounds, all contestants will have to answer a few basic questions, ie. What is your name? Where are you From? Where are you now? This is to help determine if anyone is medically unfit to continue. If you can't answer shit like that, your already beyond hammered and have no business drinking any further tongue.gif


4.) THE KNOCKOUT ROUNDS will now take place, and will consist of 2-30 minute rounds. As with all the other rounds 4 A.M.F's will be given each round. This time however, each round will consist of some medial tasks that a 2-3 year old child can do in most cases. Such as insert the round peg into the round whole, shit that seems moronically simple when sober, but if anyone is still standing at this point, this shit will seem like rocket science.


Then some slightly harder questions such as spell the word dog, cat and other words along those lines. Again, sounds simple enough, but at this point its like trying to spell disestablishmentarianism, yes that is a real word too for those who care to question me lol. If anyone fails to complete any of the medial tasks, or falters on any of the questions, they will be eliminated.


5) THE STANDOFF ROUND if by some freakish event, there is anyone left to compete against each other, then we will go on a drink for drink basis. The competitors will only have 5 minutes after the first drink of these rounds is finished, or they will be eliminated.


This should put an end to all other competitors, and allow one remaining, the true king of Gin, the duke of rum, the earl of tequila, his mighty highness The 3Som Alchohol King!!!!


In addition to this title, a plaque will be placed on the wall with your picture to remain for all times!!! (unless someone ever calls for a further challenge)


The Alcohol King will also be given his own crown to wear until he wakes up the next day and wonders what the fuck he did last night.

The winner's drinks during the course of the competition will be payed for by the bar, as well a 1000Baht Bar-Tab certificate will be awarded.

Their name will forever be remembered on this forum as the ultimate hardcore drinker, never to be questioned on all things alcohol related!!


As for the other competitors, your drinks however will not be free lol. They will on the other hand be severely reduced in price from 180baht to 120baht each.

It sounds like a lot for a drink, but I don't see anything containing 3.5 ounces of 7 different pure alcohol mixers selling anywhere cheaper in Pattaya lol.


Buckets for the competitors will be made readily available by the bar, as well as our back room sink for the extra space in case our bathroom is in use by another competitor.



Its only a little bit more then 2 potential hours, so if you gotta take a piss your crap out of luck!!!!


Taunting of each other by the other competitors is only allowed while they are still in competition, after they are eliminated, they loose that right tongue.gif



So boys and girls, whose got the balls to step up to the plate and take the challenge??????????


This contest is open to anyone, and for those that are competing, please make sure to have an alternate means of transportation instead of a motorbike. Also we will have some of the girls, as well as myself and probably some mates of any BM's that need help back to their hotel without the worries of getting pickpocketed on a baht bus, or sleeping in an alley lol.


We want this to be a safe, controlled contest where everyone is able to have a good time, and give everyone a day to look forward to in between XMAS, and NEW Year's Eve, and New Year's Day.



You can also pm me if you would like to compete. There will be members from many different forums competing, so its bound to be a hell of a competition lol.


Looking forward to a great night of fun. And for those not competing, we will be more then happy to make you one our regular strength AMF's, containing about 7 ounces of alcohol lol!!!!

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AMF, stands for Adios Mother Fucker. Our regular bar sell version of the drink, 1st one give you a serious buzz, 2nd one gets you drunk fast and hard, 3rd one, will put your lights out. This is in most peoples cases.


So we have cut back the amount of alcohol we use in the drink, making them slightly under half as strong as our regular House Special AMF's, to ensure that we will be able to have at least a few rounds to the contest, as well as for the safety of those participating, at many peoples requests not to use the full 3Som recipe's quantities, as it would just be too unsafe.


This is on its own, the most alcoholic drink in all of Thailand, but you will never even taste the alcohol in it, until the drink is gone and its effects have set in.


So whether you just want to stop by to try 1 or 2 for yourself, or you want to compete in the competition, the 27th will be a great day to come down and see what the drink is all about.!!!!!!!!!!

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