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Big "C" Motorcycle Auction

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14 hours ago, turbojoe said:

long time no post here anymore :(

so this big C bike/car auction still exists?

thank you for an answer

Hi Joe, welcome to the Board

Neither have I heard of it for ages and ages. I think the novelty soon wore off.

I am fairly certain there are vehicle auctions in Pattaya, but not sure where. Hopefully an Expat might be able to direct you into the right area for that, otherwise , maybe a more industrial area such as Laem Chabang might have auctions etc, but I'm only speculating.

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thank you for the welcome

had a look already at Collingbourne Auctions, but there it says next auction would be the 18th janaury and today we kave 25th january. so page is not up to date :(



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