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I have kind of narrowed my search down a little to these hotels which should I go for? We are staying over Christmas and the new year so hotel prices are hiked up a little so these are my best options for the price so far -




Nautical inn

Bay Breeze hotel

Flipper Lodge

All seasons hotel

Natural beach hotel

Sandy Spring hotel




We really want a balcony and some kind of pool.


I'm favouring Nautical inn?? I probably should also say we are 2 couples.







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Can't comment on the others but I stayed at the Sandy Springs in November and it would be ok for what you want. The balconys are large enough the rooms were a good size for 2 people and large enough to have 4 lounging about in. . The pool area has an attendant that can serve you drinks and set up the lounges in what ever configuration you want. Free towels in the pool area as well. Although the pool temp was a little colder than I would have liked. I left my wallet on the lounge and by the time I got to my room the attendant was halfway there with the thing and not a baht missing.

I was on the 4th floor with a balcony overlooking Soi 13. A nice legitimate massage place across the road. A good laundry near the entrance to the Lek Hotel. Quiet enough and the rooms were very clean. Great location as near to the beach and also Mikes etc. In between the baht bus routes so easy to get a around and a pleasant stroll to WS.

Wifi sucked a bit but you could always use an internet cafe.

No safe in the cheaper rooms but deposit boxes in the lobby.

Not sure if the have adjoining rooms but it should meet most of your needs.

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2oo baht for a one hour massage but it normally went 90 minutes. That might have been because I threw all of them a small koala or Kangaroo key ring. If you ask them to come to your room Sandy Springs charges a 100 baht fee (fucking cheeky). My room overlooked it so I used to have a smoke on the balcony and talk to them. They never offerred extras but there were not many lookers but the massages were good and I took a girl from Secrets there for a head and neck massage, 150 baht, and she said it was very good. It was always busy so they must be doing something right. I,m sure if you asked there would be few up for it but innthat location you can walk a few hundred metres and find a bar of FL of much better quality.

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