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Thanks for that.


There's a girl without arms selling Thai lottery tickets the some of you may have come across. She writes better 'English' with a pen stuck in her armpit than my clumsy fingers can manage.


I find these accomplishments inspiring……I admit sometimes I fill up.

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I'm sure many people in the Uk are familiar with this………But forgive me, living in Thailand, I wasn't….. Today I entered another youtube wormhole and came across it.   I'm not sure why I filled up

Outdated sad old pensioners,,,good for the nostalgy... I can understand.it ...but not for me....I look better forward.... ( OK.. to be honest... when I was young even then, they were more noise for me

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It will be 25 year next Sunday the 9th of November since East and West Germany were reunified.Klaus Meine, the lead singer of the Scorpions, wrote this song shortly after that event.

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For Gonzo. Don't know if you of this from 2007. Schenker with UFO. Mellow, but Scorps ish. Great track. Mogg is a great mellifluous vocalist and melody writer.


Thanks Obsession, great track


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In the spirit of Christmas……..


This curiosity was the 1967 Beatles Christmas flexi disc record for their fan club members…….Still got it somewhere.


A nice little opening ditty……Some pre-Python…..stream of consciousness, un-connected sketches and 'Plenty of Jam Jars Baby.'


Like it or hate it …Who else was doing this……??


If you can get to the end…….There's a nice bit of MacLennon





OK something trad and nice to finish….


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