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i have just noticed that pattaya fc are playing a home game against buriram on march 23rd in chonburi stadium and i would like to attend. my questions are


1, is it far outside pattaya?


2, will a baht bus take you there and collect you or is it better organise a group outing through a bar.


3, what are ticket prices and are they readily available

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the stadium in chonburi is approximately 1 hour from pattaya .


its not really suitable for a baht bus journey though it could be done but im sure it would be relatively expensive .


admission to the games is a paltry 60 b and you simply pay at the stadium .


you will have no problem getting in .

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All of Pattaya's home games will be played in Chonburi for the next 2 seasons whilst the new stadium is being contructed at the current site.


Personally I think Si Racha would have been more convenient but i suppose there had to be reasons they couldn't ground share there.

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