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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.

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Does anybody know?


Now don`t laugh but I was once told it was Fat LadyBoy?


True or not? :gulp


Not sue if your taking the piss, but I think it stands for Free Lancer Bar!



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I grabbed this from the board when Pete wrote up a short history





FLB History


I'm away at the moment or I would have thrown in a few pics from the old days. I've been thinking about compiling a history of Pattaya, which would be far more interesting, but to date it's only been a thought.

Anyway my involvement with FLB began in mid 1998 when Ann and I leased the bar. At the time it was called Europa and as Roland said it had a very dubious reputation as a place where Bulgarian women serviced Thai men. The former Bulgarian proprietor who was wanted by Interpol for murder had been arrested by the Thai police and deported a month before we arrived. The operation had literally stopped in the middle of a normal nights operation and the doors closed. When we saw it there was still some booze on the shelves. It was also disgustingly dirty and run down.

Ann's Party Bar opened in November 1998 and was a go go bar. Six months of living with a go go bar was enough to convince me that this is not a fun occupation. In May 1999 the bar closed one night as a go go, and opened the next night as Freelancer Bar. I still remember the look on the girl’s faces when they arrived for work that day and the two go go stages had disappeared to be replaced by the two bars. We paid all the girls out for the month and offered them jobs as Hostesses. About half stayed on for a while.

Freelancer Bar was supposed to be a more up market version of the famous Thermae Bar in Bangkok. I still think it was a good idea but we made several bad mistakes in the way we implemented it. As a result there were never very many freelancers hanging around and it really became the hostess bar it is now. By late 2001 or early 2002 I got bored explaining why Freelancer Bar did not have any freelancers and so changed the name to FLB Bar.

BTW, Ann is and always has been the majority share holder in the bar which is why I always call her the boss. Moulee and Jang are the only two employees who were with us on day 1. Ben was a regular customer in the bar and became a good friend. When Ann and I were looking to reduce our day-to-day involvement, Ben was an obvious choice to take a more hands on approach. I made him an offer and he joined the crew in June 2001.

Some of these dates are approximate as I'm writing all this from memory, far away from all my records.



That would make those pictures somewhere between 1999 and 2002.

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That would make those pictures somewhere between 1999 and 2002.


I made my first trip to Pattaya and first stop to the Freelancer Bar in August 2001 and that sign was not there. Moulee was the mamasam and the first person to greet me at that time and Ben was the manager.

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