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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.

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This years RideHer Cup balance sheet is as follows :



20 players @ 4000tb = 80,000tb




Coach              6,000

T Shirts            14,000             65 Purchased

Party Cost       12,000

Green Fee       11,000             550 x 20

Caddy              4,000              200 x 20

Caddy Tip         6,000             300 x 20

Buggys             5,000             500 x 10

Food                 1,800            

Photo's            10,000            Howard's fee inc   Printing ,Frames ,Cds

Prizes                6,000         10 Hats @ 250tb ,5 Pewter Tankards @ 500tb ,10 Buddas @80,1 Small Cat @ 120 and 1 bag of sea shells @ 80 tb

Charity               4,200



Total out 80,000tb



Hope you all had a great time.

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I have noticed that the number of shirts is 3 times the number of players ::)


Therefore would one, be able to buy one ???


If so could you put my name down for one :P


I'm back 2nd FEB


Be Nice



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I was just reading your balance sheet you posted and I see an expense for "COACH" for 6000 Baht. . .and I didn't even see her there nor did I get a BJ. [smiley=bonk.gif]


[smiley=grin.gif] What's up with that? [smiley=grin.gif]


Off to Thailand and the LOS in:


[smiley=crying.gif] 302 days 14 hr's 51 min's 2 sec's and wheels-up. . .But who's counting? [smiley=crying.gif]






[smiley=1luvu.gif] [smiley=1luvu.gif] [smiley=1luvu.gif] [smiley=1luvu.gif] [smiley=1luvu.gif] [smiley=1luvu.gif]





 [smiley=tits.gif] [smiley=tits.gif] [smiley=tits.gif] [smiley=tits.gif] [smiley=tits.gif] [smiley=tits.gif] [smiley=tits.gif]

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