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Star of Light, Patpong 2, BKK?

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Was to Sophies (now defunct) in PP but have never been to SOL in Patpong. Never been to Patpong at all, for that matter.


Can any BM who has been there recently provide current info on the SOL? Are the girls eyesores; are the drinks expensive; can a Monger just chill-out in there for awhile until he feels ready for BJ action; where are the BJ's accomplished?



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I occaisionaly pop into (and in) the SOL. But didnot make it since 2 years. But I believe it is still the same.

I'l first say it was never my kind of place. I like the privacy of Lolitas BKK and PTY.

However, I would read so much positive about the place on the boards and what fun the girls were that I started haveing a drink and chat there. Then about 5 years ago I was in there with just one girl and myself and recieved some good service.


Next time in there was completly different with BJs and fornication going on all around me!! So all this happens in the tiny bar area. I made a choice and got serviced behind the bathroom door.

So I now I usually visit each trip (yearly) and its fun. I still prefer lolita's and I have to say. Nothing will ever compare with the wonderful Sophies in its day...


regards papadoc


Sorry I edit as I didn't answer all your questions

drinks reasonable I usually drink Brandy or coffee.

The women vary in looks but have great attitude and fun

and yes you can just chill out as thats how I started going there.

There are a couple of others in the aria but may be ripoff joints. But SOL is OK

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]it's 700 for a BBBJ & about 100 for a drinkif two gals ask to blow you, tell them you'll tip the second one, but no barfinethey will usually go for thatI just don't think it's reasonable paying 1,400 for a BJ with two gals if you're only gonna get one nut.]

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