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Beer Lao sign, light up box 2,000B --

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H,i Ive seen pub type beer signs for sale regularly on the car boot /fleamarket type sale at dusk every night opposite the garage on threppasit road road if its any help

Do they have neon signs as well? I would love to buy a few of the smaller bar signs for my living room at home.

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That "Beer Lao" sign is definitley not for sale anymore as it is hanging in my garage in Sydney, Australia. Right next to my Carlsberg sign I got from a bar on beach road.

Interested to hear about the car boot sale on Threppasit rd. Can I get some details on the exact location?

Occasionly some Thai beer signs appear on Ebay, there is no shortage of ones from the US,

I will be in Pattaya in 2 weeks time, if anyone knows of any for sale I would be interested.

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