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The Beautiful Game……….Not

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Terrible news, football is NOT the beautiful game when things like this happen, my sincere condolences to this poor lads family.


A Welsh player in the match, also posted a condolence message on Twitter.


Footballer Joe Ledley tweeted: "I can't believe a Welsh fan has (died) tonight shocking. My thoughts go out to his family."


I'm sorry but does it really make any difference what nationality the fan is who dies???? whether he be English or Welsh, very shocking statement coming from such a high profile player :banghead :banghead

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This is sure to crank up the bad blood between Cardiff and Swansea fans a couple of notches!


......One Welshman batters another. One dies and another's life is changed forever.....for what?


Not just football's problem though.

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Very sad indeed ,Thats why Rugby Union is my sport ,all the brawling/tackles happen on the match ground ,the fans are fantastic ,When I attended a world cup in 2003 in ozzy met and had many beers with so many wonderful people from all around the world

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