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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.

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The Thais I know in the UK go mad at Christmas. They just love sending presents and cards etc.


Christmas has nothng whatsover to do with religion.

It was agreat idea when it started (celebrating the winter equinox knowing it was half way through the winter etc) It was always a festival of food and drink and having agood time and then silly Christians hyjacked it.


Thai people dont seem to need much of an excuse to party.

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Who, Fagin???? :D



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Well this is my xmas period planned with My lady

Fri go to daughters school xmas concert ,the falang teachers put a good xmas show on for the kids ,also be singing carols.

then after concert go to my favrite thai bar which has just open near my house,have a few large leos at 55 bhts bottle

and a good fish,chips,peas with Tarta sauce ,my lady and daughter also love this food.

Xmas Eve after noon go to my falang local bar ,as be lots of my mates there ,also serving up sausage rolls and mincepies

Xmas Eve night stop in with my lady and her daughter ,look for some xmas film and have a nice meal with family with few glasses of wine.

Up early on Xmas morning ,open presents with the family ,not sure if im getting any ,but who cares as long as daughter has nice time.

About 10am go out for nice breakfast ,place near me sell great breakfast for 50 bhts ,

Noon we all go to local falang bar ,where many falangs there will be with their ladies and children,last year even had a father xmas there.

3pm go out for xmas dinner ,going out with 4 of my mates and their ladies and children will also be with them.

After diner just go with the flow and sure we will all be in party mode ,so sure be some dancing going on haha

Boxing night I will be out alone with mates watching the football

Then after this night rest up ready for the next party days at NY


Who says xmas in Thailand is no good ,well me ,my family and mates here in Khon Kaen always have a great time.

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