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Where's the best place to have a nice Christmas Dinner, whithout a western price tag ?

Depends on what you want to pay, me personally, i like Bob Palmers on Soi 13/4 ( i think ) he does alot of the food for the parties etc. And i have eaten there for several years. He has a good menu and does a good breakfast aswell as good evening meals. Its not the nicest of places, but the food is good

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Western price tag? I've found most places in Pattaya that offer Christmas dinner, to exceed western prices. For Americans, the Price of Tigglebitties dinner can't be beat, along with the quality of the food. I've taken a couple of Thai girls to Christmas dinner only to see them eat nothing. Two of the places charged me more than 1,000 baht for her seat at the table as well. If you don't know the rules of the place you are going to, you are better off only going with men that would enjoy a Christmas dinner. It burned my ass to pay for a buffet for a girl that didn't eat a bite, or even get a plate, only had a coke, which they charged extra for.

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