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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.

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You also get a discount on the rear row love seats of 100 Baht per person. Given that TG's love to see the most horrible movies made, like Zookeeper and the Twilight movies, use the strategy of the discount vs. paying for the cheap seats, then when you get the love seat and a blanket you can snooze if awful and grope under the blanket a bit as well.

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They have special rates on every Wednesday, 100 baht only.

... but only on "old" movies,

so usually not on the one you want to see that get out this week or the week before... :(

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What are ticket prices in Major Complex


They range from around 60 to 300 with a discount for frequent movie club card users. The 300 is a love seat at the very back so with another person it is 600 or 500 for two with the card.


The less you pay the shittier the seat or location or both. They are all reserved.

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As a regular movie goer, I love the prices (seats and popcorn) and the seating comfort (with assigned seating) here compared to my home country. Being able to view first run western or Thai movies at such reasonable rates is great. I do miss the independent foreign (non-Thai) and USA movies, but expat friends share them with me for home viewing.


If a movie is entertaining, I enjoy a few hours of escapism. If the movie sucks, then I get in a good nap. My Thai lady knows where I want to sit and we schedule to purchase tickets after the advertised 'show time' in order to avoid others who don't seem to consider that one does not have to sit directly in front of or behind another viewer when the theatre is 90% empty.


At "The Avenue" we have also learned that if no one purchases a ticket 10 minutes before the scheduled 'Show Time,' then they cancel that particular showing so we must sometimes purchase tickets prior to the official show time.


Another difference, is they seem to keep their AC just a little cooler than the theaters at Central Festival and Big-C, so I dress accordingly.


Enjoy your time and take care of what you can control.

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The A/C must be huge units because at Major for the first show when you go in it is hot and humid then 10 minutes into the pre-movie bumpf you are freezing your balls off.


If you want quite an experience try the super-VIP setup at the SFX at Central Festival where you have a lounge and free drinks and snacks an hour before the movie, then your popcorn and drink is brought to your seat, and the seat is a love seat for 2 with electric foot lifts and recline. The theatre has only about 24 seats but is a full size auditorium and screen. Unfortunately I saw "Zookeeper" there with the TG which was pretty stupid.


Very expensive, IIRC, it was 1200 Baht for two.


Best seats at the Major are the love seats in the very back row, 500 for 2 people if you have the cinema card and you get a blanket. Quite a gropeable environment and they patrol it for non-payers like North Korea border troops.

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... if you have the cinema card ...


Hi Grandpollo. Can you tell us more about this card?


I used to have a card at Major but maybe 2 years ago they announced me that this kind of card was "finish".

I think they replaced it by a points system with 1 movie free after 20 paid full-price, or similar?


Is it the "M Generation" card ? - http://www.mgencard.com/

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My TG has a card that says Major Cinema on it. I presume she earns points and such but when we go and I give it to them the 600 love seat for 2 is 500 so that alone is worth it for the same seat and a small savings.


It might be that card, the color is similar. I can look when I am there end of October.


Maybe only for the top shelf seats there is a discount? I haven't sat in the lower cost seats since I found these big seats.

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