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Can anyone recommend a a good comfortable driver/taxi to go to Khon Kaen from Suvarnabhumi airport on the 12th April 2012 at 1.00pm. Alsany idea on the cost. 2 people with luggage.


Any help would be appreciated.

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One of the BM's Dr Mick lives in khon Kean, good guy he will be along shortly :P


Does it have to be a taxi, some of the buses in Thialand are like luxury limo's


and I think thier might be internal flights available, but i'll leave that to the more experienced BM's to give info.


Best of Luck on your trip = do a TR :-)

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Looked a flights but would have a 6 hour wait. Might as well be travelling. depends on the taxi price. I normally fly to Udon with air asia but 7500 bht for 2 because of song kran.

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Try e-mailing these people they have good reliable service and I wont use anyone else for my taxi trips to and from the Swamp or Don Muang anymore. But they do Hua Hin and other places but I don’t know if they do long haul as such, you also have to factor in the guy’s coming back at least as far as BKK empty,







Or try a taxi across town to Don Muang and Nok air if it fits your timings better,

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you should consider arrival time in Khon Kaen rather than departure time.



Departure: 18:20Bangkok, Thailand - Suvarnabhumi International

Arrival: 19:15Khon Kaen, Thailand - Khon Kaen

Airline: Thai Airways Intl TG46 Aircraft: Airbus Industrie A300-600/600C

Last check in: information Fare type: Economy Restricted not available

Baggage: 20 kilogram(s) per traveller

Flight payment and ticket

Payment 2,165.00 THB


I do not think that a taxi leaving BKK is likely to arrive in Khon Kaen before the last flight, and I suggest that prices will be similar.


One option is to leave your luggage, go up to Bangkok on the Skytrain and have a look around the shops for a couple of hours to pass the time.


Busse3s are also a good and cheaper option.

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