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Famous people with only one testical

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In the biological sense, one testicle works just as well as two. Nevertheless, having a single, lonely nut can be a source of great embarrassment for a guy. But it turns out there may be an upside to monorchism. An Asylum analysis of famous people rumored to have only one testicle has exposed that a half-sack may increase your chances of becoming a professional athlete or a military despot. Here are a few that I can think of off the top of my head on2long.gif There was a 10th but my memory is crap theses days spell.gif


Can anyone help me out ? ball.gif



1. Arnold Schwarzenegger


An Austrian American bodybuilder, actor, businessman, and politician, currently serving as the 38th Governor of the state of California .. But you will be amazed to know he has only One testicle… Could explain the obsession with weightlifting.


2. Hansie Cronje


You may not have heard of him, but Cronje was a big-time international cricketer in the '90s who was kicked out of the game for match-fixing and ultimately died in a shady plane crash. The right-handed batsman accomplished this all with only one nad.



3. Tom Green


The gonzo comedian "went there" and documented his testicle removal in a television special.



4. Frank Church


The Idaho senator revealed his monorchism during his run for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1976. Ultimately he lost to a two-testicled Jimmy Carter.



5. Mike Lowell


We're basing this solely on the fact the Red Sox's third baseman had surgery for testicular cancer. But even if he only has one ball, his scrotum is still going to be in better overall shape than former teammate Manny Ramirez's.



6. Lance Armstrong


Does Lance Armstrong's uni-nut hang left or right? Only his bicycle seat knows.



7. John Kruk


When the baseball-player-turned-analyst enters a room, there will be an odd number of testicles in that room.



8. Adolf Hitler


At this point, you're probably wondering if Stalin and Mussolini were also monorchids. From what we know, they weren't.



9. Napoleon Bonaparte


Did you know Napoleon wasn't really short? In fact, he was about average-size for a Frenchman of his era. So it's possible the "complex" comes from him being one testicle short of a pair.




:grin-jump :grin-jump :grin-jump :grin-jump

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I used to run a girl's football team............One of the girls was called Nadia. She was half Thai as it happens. I used to smirk with pleasure whenever the other kids shouted out to her........."Go Nad!"

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There was, of course, the famous marathon race in Delhi a few years back where the organisers were swamped with entrants. So, to reduce the number of runners, they made only men who had had vasectomies eligible to race – and ended up with exactly 5000.


Remember it?


You must’ve heard of The Indian Knackerless 5000.

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