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Isan Flowers Shop has moved to Pattaya 3rd Road (opposite Soi 31)

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Ball, Rin & the whole Isan Flowers team invite you all ... to come and see our new shop !


Our Shop has moved to Pattaya 3rd Road (opposite Soi 31), about 350 meters from South Pattaya Road - see maps below ("Our Location Now" & "How this compares to our old location" .....)


Our new shop is much easier to access by car and there is more parking space (on the side of Pattaya 3rd Road).

- If you are a golfer, very convenient for you to get a beautiful Flower Basket or Bouquet on your way home to

your girlfriend or wife!


We are still waiting for our new big sign to be ready, and will add a photo of the front of the shop when the sign

is up !


Our telephone number and websites have stayed the same -

http://www.isanflowers.com & http://www.roses-to-pattaya.com


I would be very grateful if you would mention our new location to other people you know


The Isan Flowers team are at your service


Thank you




NOTE: Unfortunately I won't be able to see you myself, because I am in England at the moment!


New Shop Map for Business Card_for forum.jpg



From Old Shop to New Shop Map_for forum.jpg

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