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"caviar temptor" - a true story.....

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About 25 years ago, my old mucker Garry Monger was selling his well used Golf GTi - not the best example, but as private sale - what the hell.....



couple of days later, Garry tells me he's sold it..........



but a couple of days later the bloke who bought it, came back and angrily told him that the engine had blown up, and wanted his money back........



Gary rang me in a right state - and asked me what he could do....



As i had some experience in the legal profession - i told him to tell the bloke that the car was "sold as seen", and to say "caveat emptor" - (let the buyer beware).....


not hanging up the phone - i heard Garry repeatidly say to the bloke "caviar temptor", "caviar temptor" - now bu@@er off.....




never forgot it - still makes me chuckle.....

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That's a cracker! Reminds me of many years ago when I was in the mobile comms business. One of my sales guys had a dispute with a customer after we lost a load of our antenna sites during a big storm. The customer was claiming for loss of earnings due to a lack of radio coverage. I told the sales guy to refer him to the contract section entitled Force Majeure.


Then I listed to him calling the customer back. "It's not our fault mate. It's all down to Forbes Macguire!".


Result - one very baffled customer and end of dispute!

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