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Anyone seen this guy around ?

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after living here for 5 years i've just found out i have relations here also lol..

my daughter (age 7) from the uk is here at the moment and it would be nice for her to say hello to him also.

his name is Jeffrey (Jeff). from solihull. and its likley i think as he was a publican that he may have a bar somewhere ..

this pic i realise is very small but its the bes i can find.



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I`m sure he will be grateful to you for posting his identity and photo on an internet forum!


well.. a reply at least..


the photo is off another internet page (ie facebook), and is by no means showing anything compromising or embarasing

i don't really think a forename only will assist anyone with identity theft

and the idea of posting this came to me as a freind of 20 years ago posted a photo he came across of me , asking if anyone knew me

which prompted someone to phone me to say that a pic of me with my arms around alice appeared on a forum and warning me in case my missus saw it.

end result is we are going to be meeting up in town next month after not seeing each other for many many years.

oh and the photo of alice & I would of troubled me had it not been that my wife and i have been freinds of alice for 7 years

and finnaly i'm sure that martin would remove the pic in the future should the person in it ever wish so without any problem

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If he is from Solihull perhaps he hasn't talked to anybody in Pattaya yet! :D(When I lived in Brum, Solihill had a reputation like Coventry)

Good luck locating your relation, but I haven't seen him around.

Was his location confirmed as Pattaya area ?

Perhaps take the picture round to a few British pubs and ask the owners, Queen Vic, Butchers Arms, Wetherspoons, Caddy Shack etc.

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