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Digital Videokamera-Need advice

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I want to buy a digital Videokamera for my next

Pattaya trip. Anyone knows if it´s cheaper to buy

in Bangkok than in Europe (Sweden)?

And if I buy in Bangkok is the camera compatible

with a TV bought in Sweden?




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Buy it duty free in Sweden or Bangkok.  I doubt if Bangkok street prices are any cheaper than Sweden and possibly they are dearer.


Any imported goods in Thailand are expensive.

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When I was buying a camcorder I was concerned about

the extended warranty. I bought a Mini DV which is costly to repair.  The local extended warranty includes cleanings for 5 years. If it breaks down 3 times in a year they replace it with a current model, even 5 years from now. Just food for thought.

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Here in the UK the TV's run on the PAL system but in Europe there are at least 3 different systems used , the most common being PAL , NSTC and one used mostly in France ( ASCII i think ) . I have a Panasonic NVDS 15B mini DV digital camcorder which will work only on a PAL system . I think Thailand uses both PAL and NSTC systems so you would need to be careful what you buy .


The next model camcorder up from mine has a memory chip which can store stills as well as the tape for the movies . I can store stills on mine but it uses the tape and the picture quality isn't great - see my picture gallery on this site . These were taken inside a dark go go bar and I had to modify them with photoshop to make them viewable . Sometimes I wish I'd spent a couple of hundred pounds more and bought the better model . The prices have come down now as there is more competition and I can now buy the better model for the same price that I paid for mine .


Buy a few camcorder magazines and ring round the advertisers listed and search the net . I got mine mail order from England approx £150 cheaper than I could buy it locally .



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Checked the prices of Video and Digi still cameras in BK last summer. It is definitely cheaper to buy at home, wherever that is. Pantip might get some little bit older models for a more reasonable rate than high street shops, but due to unclear warranty situation as well as still higher price than at home I decided to give it a miss.

And: Please forget Duty Free at Don Muang. Everything there is so overpriced, it is ridiculous.


Also: Turbo, you're right on the 3 systems used worldwide, but: For Europe (including this crazy island north of France  :() as well as Thailand just go for PAL. SECAM (not ASCII, which is the Way letters are coded into Digital Bytes in the Computer)  is used in France and (though a little different shaped) some eastern countries, and NTSC is not common in Europe at all, but the only System in USA.

Though rest assured: Most recent TV Players in GOE play NTSC as well as PAL. Technically speaking, PAL is the better System (higher resolution).

So, unless you live in the USA, PAL is your System of choice!

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can you still help members with pics on compact flash cards, that need to get them onto a floppy.


I'd like to email some pics home while I'm away.


Thanks for your reply

rooman ;D

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 ::) hi; i bought a sony digital camera late last year just before my trip to LOS.cost me about $370, and initially didn't had any problems handling, but, when it came to figure how download the pics into the computer that's when all hell broke loose. guess i can deal with a computer, but, still have my limitations/NOT A COMPUTER NERD, I GUESS!!/; anyways i ended up erasing my pics by mistake, was very upset about it. i decided to put it in the closet when i got back home. the camera itself is good, pics are perfect, clear, its just the instructions are for somebody who is about to drive the space shuttle :(. a friend is going to give me a course on how to handle this monster, then i'll be ready for my next trip to LOS(CAN"T WAIT :P :P :P).///        

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