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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.

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For years now my hotel of choice has been the Sandy Spring on Soi 13 but for my next trip I am considering a change.


Now I really like the location of the SS and would like to stay in the same general area so after a bit of browsing on Agoda I`ve found 3 good options,


Baywalk Residence

Aya Boutique

Dusit D2 Baraquda


I was wondering if any BMs have stayed at any of these and if they`d recommend them?


Also the big question, ARE THEY GIRL FRIENDLY??



Thanks in advance!

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Have you considered either of the following:


Page 10

Sea Me Spring


I believe they are both located on soi 10.


Yes and although I haven`t completely ruled them out, they are slightly north of my preferred location.

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Isn't the general rule in Pattaya, most places are girl friendly, except for 5 star place, where most whore mongers aren't going to waste their money on...


Dusit 2 is a 5 star hotel

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I stayed at the Aya twice....in Feb and March of this year.


First time was a room on the fifth floor,at the back of hotel. Room was very compact,but intelligently designed to make maximum use of available space. Although a new hotel,the craftsmanship/building standards are not fantastic,and it was showing signs of premature aging. View was non-existant...a brick wall. Balcony faced this wall.


But it was ok...you need roomcard to activate lift,so thats a positive security feature.And there are two elevators.


There's a sundeck on the top floor,a mini fitness room with treadmills and free weights,and a nice swimming pool too,half outside,half covered.


On second visit I got a room with a view...front of hotel,south facing. Much better.


There's a reggae club opposite. However,it looks like a disaster,as no one was patronising it,and therefore there was no noise.


The walkway from Beach Road to Second Road...called Pattaya City Walk...is full of poor value stands selling tourist-shite. These stands dont appear on the photos of the hotel on Agoda etc.


Its not easy to find....after Pattayaland,look out for a ship at the junction of Second Road at Pattaya City Walk on the left hand side...the hotel is up this hidden road,on the right about 50m in.


Hotel seems to attract a lot of Japanese and Korean tourists. Young couples. Its very minimalist,boutiquey,tries hard to be funky and cool. And it just about makes it.


Security seems efficient. Def girl friendly.


Less than a minute to Beach Road. And same to Second Road. A mere five minutes or less to Walking Street,if that.


Good television choice. Free in-room wifi,and use of a huge Mac in the lobby too.


I would use it again,it ticks a lot of boxes.

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Before booking a hotel I haven’t used before (in Pattaya or BKK) my policy is to email and ask what is their ‘joiner policy’. In my experience it’s always the same – one extra guest in the room is no problem. Always best to check though as some (allegedly) charge for joiners.

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A quick update on my Aya review above.


I stayed there again,for 14 days,at the end of July,start of August.


The Reggae club,called the Reggae Cave,and housed in the spectacular building opposite,has now closed down and the venue is deserted. Good news for hotel guests,bad news for whoever invested in the project.


The Aya was very quiet,it was low season. I got "upgraded" to a front room.....good view,no balcony.


Room adequate. Sink too small and no place to store toiletries,but otherwise the "designer" touches are tolerable.


Internet connection was a struggle. I planned on uploaded a photo report to PT but couldn't hold a strong enough connection,so abandoned that idea. Also had to call reception two or three times a day to renew the Internet log on,which was frustrating but no big deal in the grand scheme of things.


Hotel staff were spot on,particularly the door/security blokes....always holding the door open,calling the lift as I approached from outside and being polite at all times.


Hotel was ultra quiet....sometimes I didnt see any other guests for a day or two. Those I did see were Indian or Korean,no westerners.


The stands out front do sell pure garbage,or overpriced tourist lines. I attempted to buy a couple of Ts one afternoon,to be asked to pay three times the going rate,then got verbally abused when I refused to overpay. These vendors sell fuck all,and it gets to them. They are miserable and nasty,and if I can discourage anyone from every buying anything there I will consider it a job well done.


Also,staying for longer than on previous visits,I noticed how weak the choice of English language tv channels was.


Still,it is a good hotel,and a good location. Safe and secure.


I didn't have breakfast there,but could see it was a nice looking buffet. Often I made the short walk to Palmers in Pattayaland and filled my boots there. Palmers is looking jaded and dreary,but the food is bang on.


I used the taxi booth at the junction of Pattaya City Walk and Second Road to book a car to the airport,I think it was called Moms. Got a super spacious town car for 1000......better than a taxi for 800 as the extra space was wonderful.....and the driver was early,polite,sober and drove carefully,all of which were appreciated. Last time I asked the hotel to book a car.....they charged 1600....and probably used the same booth at the end of the road.


Hotel is ok. Not outrageously special,but quirky and reasonable.


I doubt I would use it again in high season,as the noise from slamming doors and adjoining rooms is disturbing,but it was ok this time round as the place was virtually empty.

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The no longer Reggae Cave,Pattaya City Walk....I think it was a puppet theatre once upon a time.......now abandoned,as is so much commercial property in PCW.
















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The building visible in the first photo above is the Aya hotel,seen through the cave decorations.


The cave is spectacular,but not particularly spacious. Will be very interesting to see what its next incarnation will be.It seems too quirky,too specialized,for standard applications. The project must be suited to the building,rather than the other way round.


The Italian restaurant at the Beach Road end of PCW has closed down,as have many of the other businesses housed opposite. Theres an interesting looking semicircular building about half way down too,with fantastic curved glass frontage (below the huge TV monitor),also abandoned and unloved. Is Pattaya City Walk the most useless piece of real estate in the city?? Trading volume there is miniscule.










** edited to correct a terrible spelling error**

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