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David Farrell murder bang saray latest!

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the link takes you to drummonds website but for some reason it wont open directly, if you go to the home box click on it and read merseyside millionaire awaited his own fate in thailand

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It doesn't say, if I remember right, just that he was dead. I guess he should have adhered to the three day rule.


He is most definitely dead.


These things cannot be rushed into. I am not saying this man did, but I wonder how quickly after the introduction "true love" was in the air followed by a daughter.


Did you read the article?

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I can't understand why he sat around waiting for it to happen. Ok he was 72? but he looked physically strong. Thought maybe his background as a property developer and night club owner would have made him a bit more shrewd?


Perhaps he decided to make his last stand, alone and resigned to the fact that he would lose. Very sad. A lesson to be learnt by Guys that plan on leaving Family behind and retiring in far flung places.

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