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Research Project 'Expats in Pattaya'

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Hey Expat-Community!


My colleague Alexander and me, Thomas, are currently working on a joint research project of the Department of Geography and Regional Research of the University of Vienna, Austria, and the Suan Dusit University, Bangkok and Hua Hin Campus, Thailand. The topic is about ‚Farang (Retirement) Migration and Long-stay Tourism to the Pattaya Region’. Some of the main issues would be why so many people are choosing Thailand respectively Pattaya as their destination, what kind of problems they face or did face since moving to Thailand, in what kind of property they live and why they have chosen certain accommodations, and last but not least, if the availabilty of medical/elderly care facilities play a role when it comes to moving to the Pattaya region.


We would therefore be very grateful if some of you guys could help us and spare some time by filling in the online questionnaire, which will take approximately 20-30 minutes.


We are not asking for any names, addresses, etc. Everything you are going to fill in will be treated confidentially and anonymously. The data will be used for statistical purpose only and will further help us reaching our master’s degree.


Link to the online-survey: http://survey.2ask.at/60c7bbe96b9af0cd/survey.html


Thank you very much in advance and I hope that some of you are interested in this research :)


Kind regards,

Thomas and Alexander

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One does learn from mistakes, in that case I simply forgot to write down my surname, it is Kubelka by the way. And no, I am not faculty staff, but as I mentioned above I am working on this project to reach my master's degree.

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I recall someone else asking on here for information. We never get any feedback from these people. There was also a Thai one. Today I get an email from BKK Uni with another survey. I dont hope they added us to a mailing list. 

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