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Great " Fuck Me's" in history

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This a game that anyone can play. Simply imagine what the great good and stupid might have said when the light dawned. To get you started:


Fuck Me! You want me to put what in my mouth Bill? Monica Lewinski


Fuck Me! New socks and shoes ruined! King Canute.


Fuck Me! I can only buy shoes by the pair? Long John Silver.


Fuck Me! Not a bloody virgin in sight! Osama bin Laden.


Fuck Me! 2000 baht for a short time! Gabor.


Fuck Me! Doors? Curtains? Walls? There has to be a better name! Bill Gates.


Fuck Me! Where is Betty Crocker when you need her? King Alfred.



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Fuck me, look at all those bloody Indians! Gen. George A. Custer


Fuck me, watch that bugger with the bow & arrow, he'll have somebody's eye out! King Harold

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Fuck me! I was just beginning to like Dallas. Jackie Kennedy


Fuck me! I was really getting into that play! Mary Lincoln


Fuck me! The Queen's invited us out for an evening tour of Paris. Lady Di

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