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Bangkok Trip Report, 21 Years Ago, w/ Photos

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21 years ago! The funny thing is, 1992 seems like just yesterday for me. Anyway, nice report. Perhaps in another 20 years, in 2033, someone will post a trip report about the "good old days" in 2013.

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Great pics RT especially the ones depicting 'then and now'. Never seen them before in a TR. I first visited BKK in 1984 and did not return till 1999. What struck me was the skyline with all the new skyscrapers and all the corregated iron, timber and plywood hovels that stretched for acres all over BKK in '84 had disappeared by '99. We did not realise at first that these structures that looked like dilapidated garden sheds were actually peoples' homes, it was my first experience of real poverty.

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Thanks for the comments gents, much appreciated


Here's an interesting discussion of the Patpong of the 1970's and 1980's



Thanks for that link as I don't follow Stickman with any regularity. It was novel watching the Deer Hunter and when they got to the bar scene thinking, "Hell, I've been there."

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Ten years ago I met an old timer who claimed he bar fined Noi, the Mississippi Queen dancer in the movie. He said she was one crazy fuck.


Her bio on imdb is rather incomplete


To be honest I don't recollect Noi; however I did have a very pleasant 3 nights with Eat, pictured in the Stickman article, in the 70s!

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Guest King_Midas

Brilliant Post......Just one monrh before my first trip. Although only 22 years ago the photos could easily be mistaken for early 70's

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Hi everyone,

this is Dirk and I am a German photo journalist who has lived in Bangkok for some years. I am working on a historical video documentary about Patpong from the 1960 until today. I just saw all these great photos here and was wondering if anyone

would be interested in allowing me to use their footage for the film. I have interviewed some very interesting characters from

the old times but it is difficult to get photos and much more videos from that time.

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested. I think, Patpong is very interesting and the history has to be told.



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