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Are the shisha pictures prior to the crackdown? Or are they still openly selling shisha in Bangkok?


El Gaucho seems to be the expat favorite for steaks in Bangkok..been meaning to go there sometime myself.

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Pics from the farang ghetto, the 'Hood. Ideally situated half way between Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy, an oasis in lower Sukhumvit. Upscale restaruants (17% added to your bill is the norm), trendy dis

Here's an update. Photos from this morning.     A quiet Sunday morning     Site of the legendary Cheap Charlies Bar, a Bangkok institution for decades. Now the entire cul de sac is being c

Some other Soi 11 scenes from yesterday, like shopping at Villa Market     When I was looking for a condo to rent, the first place I checked was Chaidee Mansion, at the 'T'. I asked the guy how

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I think the shisha crackdown is from a local ordinance. A shrewd Bangkok bar manager could probably recruit half the girls from Soi 6 about now.

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we are in bangkok for 2 nights end of july.is this the best street for a pub crawl for me and my partner,it will be a sunday night.

tommy and alison.

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On Sukhumvit at Soi 10, Chuwit Garden is to be replaced by a mall. It's a pity since there's not a lot of open space around. Formerly known as Sukhumvit Square, populated by bars and GoGos when purchased by Chuwit Kamolvisit. Does anyone remember? He hired a few hundred thugs to demolish the businesses at 4 AM Jan 26, 2003 to dispel the tenants.








I recall enjoying a cigar on the gazebo in the back (before I realized no smoking was permitted).





Meanwhile, construction on the Q House at Soi 6 coming along nicely. Asking price for a condo starts at 30 million.




This was the state of construction 2 years ago




Much slower pace across the street where the new Hyatt Regency is being constructed between Soi 11 and Soi 13. They've been at this for 6 years! The new hotel is due to open the second half of this year.








The 'Hood is changing. Stay tuned.

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The Mystery of the Missing Massage Shops


Adjacent Villa Market were a sequence of shops starting with an Indian Restaurant and ending with a hair salon, with 8 small massage shops (all offering happy endings) in between. The massage shops were open until 3-4 AM.





Last month, all the massage shops closed, but not by any police action. Evidently, leases expired and the businesses were forced to move, but only the massage shops, all other businesses remained.




Furthermore, an additional 10 massage shops behind Villa Market closed, while another two restaurants, a travel agency, and another hair salon remained.




A short distance away, another 3 massage shops closed between the Bangkok Bank and the pharmacy. In summary, over 20 massage shops closed last month, while the 6 other businesses intermixed remained open (3 restaurants, a travel agency, and 2 hair salons) .






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Good photos that I really appreciate as I have spent so much time in these areas over the years. Things are changing so quickly these days on Sukhumvit. A shame about Cheap Charlies but great to see it has reopened in On Nut near to where I often stay when I'm in Bangkok. I know On Nut very well and will be sure to pop in to their new location the next time I'm in Bangkok.

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There's a lot of action on the south side of Sukhumvit these days.  Just across the street is Artbox, a night market between Sois 8 and 10, and the latest craze there is ax throwing.  Sharpen your axe and skill.




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The area that used to be the Cheap Charlie Cul de Sac has been cleared and is now home to several temporary restaurants.








There's a Burger King where Tops Market used to be


The hallway that used to have a dozen massage shops now has Indian reataurants


Hemmingway's has been relocated from Soi 14


Further up the Soi, more development


An alley leads to a small street with many restaurants




I stopped at Daniel Thaiger for a burger and a Rochefort 10, but they didn't deliver my burger order.  DUH!


I went next door to Artisan Craft Burgers where I got served


A few more



Zanzabar restaurant




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If you can tolerate 3 flights of stairs there's an interesting and inexpensive rooftop place on top of Hemingway. Draft Leo pints for 65 Baht from 6pm to 8pm.




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