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Tequila Reef 14th Anniversary Buffet Special April 5th 2014

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Tequila Reef Pattaya is proud to announce it's 14th annual Anniversary party on Saturday, April 5, 2014 starting at 6:00 PM. This event features an All You Can Eat Mexican and American Buffet for only 395 Baht with Margarita drink specials of 100 Baht per glass or 500 Baht per pitcher.

Please read the promo here for complete details:
Here are some photos of what to expect:
Visit our website at http://www.tequilareefpattaya.com/promotions.html for exact locations, parking information and contact details along with other promotional information and photos.
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My very first visit to the Tequila Reef. I expected some big party but the place was surprisingly quiet - it may have been early in the evening. The food was awesome and the margarita pretty stiff. Every piece of food we sampled was excellent and authentic. Too bad, the owner wasn't there...

















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Tequila Reef gets mixed reviews, but whether it's luck or the hand of Buddha, I've only had good experiences there. It's important to keep in mind Tequila Reef is more than just a Tex Mex restaurant. It has a number of dishes on the menu that reflect several different regional cuisines (Cajun, Creole, southern barbecue) as well as standard U.S. favorites like hamburgers, hot dogs and Philly cheese steaks, plus a fairly extensive Thai menu.

REAL Mexican food is different from Tex Mex. I doubt that any restaurant that served what's considered REAL food from central and southern Mexico would be popular in Pattaya. Remember, too, not all people are adventurous diners. A friend from the UK once accompanied me to TR and he ordered fish 'n chips. That's the last dish I'd order in a Tex-Mex-themed restaurant, but he preferred to stick with food with which he was familiar. He thought the fish 'n chips had been OK at TR, but the margaritas were his favorite.

Anyway, some photos from recent meals at TR. Last time out, I saw the biggest assemblage of non-Russian farang women in one place as I can ever remember seeing in Pattaya.



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  • post-6485-0-97211800-1397367307.jpg


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  • post-6485-0-45870400-1397367377.jpg



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