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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.

Globetrotter Restaurant

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What are you doing to me EP!

We are not supposed to make plans for Pattaya.

However in the past, you have always done a couple of restaurant reviews which has lead me to seek out new (for me) treats.


Since last november I have created the following list of 8 for this November.

Thats just about every meal catered for, as your recommendations are generally that good, that I usually visit at least a couple of times each.


Pakbungloyfah second RD close to second mikes store.

The balcony restaurant Soi Bukhao

Wok and Rock Soi Bukhao

The greek Place Pattayanis off Soi Bukhao nr soi 21

49 Baht Ribs place Soi Bukhao

The Brooklyn diner (schnitzel and Pizza)

The globe trotter.


The sea food (off soi 7)


Not mentioning all the other places I already know about - steak houses, buffets, PBG, The near Tuc Com crowd etc.

Thanks a million Evil, I'm really looking forward to this.


regards Papadoc

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Another meal at Globetrotter, again very good. I had two iconic Swedish dishes. A pickled herring sandwich on rye bread (120 baht) ...





... and pyttipanna, a type of Swedish hash served with fried eggs and pickled beets (225 baht).





My pyttipanna came with two substantial wedges of bread, which one of my companions buttered and ate with gusto along with one of my fried eggs.


One of my dining companions had a 250-gram pork chop with French fries (pretty much a generic Western dish) at 325 baht.


She really liked the fries and ate them with a huge amount of ketchup. She finished the pork chop as well, but it's a pet peeve of mine that it came covered in brown sauce which should always be served in gravy boat.



My other companion had Thai food, a spicy rice noodle salad ...




... and panang red curry with rice.


The two Thai dishes together cost about 200 baht.

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I fondly recall one of your earlier submissions Evil, re-the Vietnamese restaurant in Central……..Your dining companion had her ample breasts dangling in the dumplings I recall.


Yesterday, my regular who's back in town asked me to take her there again. The food was always great and the house wine really good.


Sadly we discovered it's gone……That whole stretch now is taken up with a billboard announcing the coming of another Japanese eatery!! Buggar!


You've no idea if it's been relocated?

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Here's what it says on their Web site:




It may have replaced L'Olivier in the Jomtien Complex, but I'm not sure. You could always give them a call.




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Here's what it says on their Web site:




It may have replaced L'Olivier in the Jomtien Complex, but I'm not sure. You could always give them a call.




I've walked past it. Of the two alleys going into the Jomtien Complex from Thapprya, it's near the entrance of the northern one.


Ed. Yes, the L'Olivier location. The old sign is still up. It's next to the new location of Sam's Mexican Grill.

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