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Do Finnair do First Class from UK to BKK?

Booking Engine shows only Economy and Biz Class for me.

£1569 special offer Biz Class.

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The op like myself probably sees anything above economy as first class so, can some educated frequent flyer please simplify the difference please. (not being sarcastic btw ) just would like to know.

Biz Class 4xEconomy price.

First Class 8x Economy Price... approximate figures.

You arrive 0.10 seconds sooner in First! :D

Depends on the carrier, but Emirates for example, in First you get a private area 'suite' with a door you can close, and shower facilities.

You can take a look on the airline websites where they happily extol the reasons for spending so much.

Emirates Biz Class


Emirates First Class

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I knew the prices bit Jacko but it was the rest interested me. I always try and use Etihad and have upgraded a lot to business and was more than happy with the service.

Yes, I also use Etihad mostly, Biz Class.

They are good at Manchester and on-board, but I was never very happy with the transit in Abu Dhabi. Often having to go between terminals which is bad.

Despite the BS they claim of 'Terminal 3 is dedicated to Etihad Airways departures and arrivals, while Terminals 1 and 2 are used by all other airlines'. I mostly need to transfer!

Last time I went through (end of May), it looked as though there was construction work going on at Terminal I, so perhaps some improvement coming there.

The lounges are too small in Abu Dhabi too!

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I considered Finnair a couple of years ago and the general consensus was not to bother unless they are very cheap. I was told that the European leg to / from Helsinki would probably be using economy size seats too even if they were branded business class. If the most recent sale hasn't finished you should be able to get BA business class for a couple of hundred pounds more

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The beauty of BA is that you can book different classes on the separate legs (econ then premium econ or premium econ to business etc). When using their website it also gives the one way journey fare, & when booking return it breaks the price down.


I have flown BA a couple of times cos they codeshare with Cathay. I wouldn't say they're brilliant but from the reports I've read about Finnair I'd probably opt for a different airline.

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