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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.

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Excellent report RhinoTusk.


Visited Chang Mai for a weekend last year and did the drive up to the temple on Doi Suthep.... Now that was an experience!!!


Didn't get to sample the night-life, got dragged around the "Night Bazaar by Mrs Fiend instead.

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Good stuff, Rhino. I haven't been in Chiang Mai for a few years, so will look forward to any more info to spice a revisit. Thanks. (My girl in Sisaket only asked me a couple of days ago, if we might visit there next year).

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Nice photos. I was there with the GF last year when they were burning off and you couldn't see the hills from the city. From doi Suthep you could only see about halfway to the city centre. It took her weeks to get her chest and breathing back to normal again. I would certainly go back and loved the place (been before) but I won't make the same time of year

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Thanks yet again. I am planning a trip there in June. Any comments on the weather then?


One thing that I have sussed. I went on line and checked the Pornping Hotel. The hotels own site is almost double the price than I am being quoted on a couple of the major booking sites for exactly the same rooms.

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Good stuff Rhino……….If I ever see a William Shatner look-a-like wearing a fedora I'll say hello.





If I'm wrong about the style of hat 'Necko' will correct me. :smile:

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You shouldn't have a problem Teelack, there will be plenty of rain by June to clear up much of the smog, or at least below danger levels. Conditions seem worst around 11 AM, they're advising children and the elderly to remain indoors, shut their windows, and use the a/c to filter the air when it gets really bad.


I think the hat is a Monticristo Atlas, but I may be wrong. I do know I had to pay duty on it.


"How do I stay so healthy and boyishly handsome? It's simple. I drink the blood of young runaways." -- William Shatner


Last fall, when I stayed at the Raming Lodge, Loi Kroh road was dead by midnight. Quite a contrast to the Zoe in Yellow Garden, which was jamming at 1 AM last night. Maybe it was just for St. Paddy's Day, but I got the feeling every night was St. Paddy's Day!













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Rhino..I had planned later this week to drive from Luang Prabang to Chiang Rai, and then down to Chiang Mai.

How bad is the smoke in the area now?

Is it worth the effort to do that trek, or would I be better off waiting till the burning stops?

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I thought about cancelling my trip but don't think short-time exposure is going to be too harmful. After 48 hours here I'm starting to feel a slight burning in my eyes.


Thunderstorms are expected next week and that would really help.


Here's a shot near the North Gate I took last September. You can see Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, through the haze, in the upper right.




Today you can't see the mountain



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More Attractions


Wat Phra That Doi Suthep


Founded in 1393, about a 20-25 minute drive up the Soi Suthep mountain. It can offer some great views of the city but you can't see anything in the spring. Fortunately, there's a tram so you don't have to climb the 309 steps to the top. Lots of great stuff here. Pagodas, statues, drums, bells, and the copper plated chedi.













Museum of World Insects and Natural Wonders


A small house converted into a museum, conveniently located around the corner from Wat Chedi Luang. Admission 100 baht. There's a much larger version of this museum somewhere else in town that might be more worthwhile. I wasn't too impressed with this abbreviated version but I'm not really into bugs.





Night Safari


Opened in 2006, the world's 3rd nocturnal zoo (others in Singapore and Guangzhou, China) and very popular with Chinese tourists. It's basically a zoo with a layout similar to a theme park with three main areas. Jaguar Trail is a 1.2 km walking trail around Swan Lake. Visitors can view a Tiger Show and a choreographed Water Fountain show, then tour the other areas via tram. Savanna Safari Zone has Rhinos, Hyenas, Lions, Cheetahs, Giraffes, Ostriches, Zebras, and even Kangaroos whereas the Predator Prowl Zone has Tigers, Lions, Vultures, Wolves, Wolves, Black Bears and Crocodiles.










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I spent Saturday night at my favorite Chaing Mai bar, the North Gate Jazz Co-op, enjoying a cocktail I'd heard of but had never tried before. The drink is a variant of the Long Island Iced Tea, but instead of triple sec and splash of coke, this variation uses pineapple juice and Blue Curacao liqueur. Otherwise, all the other ingredients are the same: Gin, Vodka, Tequila, and White Rum. The drink is called Adios Motherfucker. 140 baht and highly recommended.






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Hi there. I really want to commit to Chiang Mai next trip to Thailand and intend to book hotel and airfares. I have at this stage decided on staying at the Pornping Towers. From what I can read it is in the thick of things and it is a reasonable price. Has anyone stayed there and have a recommendation. Does it have a joiner fee?

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