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Transfer Narita ana/united

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:clueless Just had a friend tell me that now when you fly united code share from bkk to usa that you have to go to ticket counter in nrt.

it took them almost 2hrs to do it and almost missed flight. has anyone one else had this happen?

the trip was booked on united web site. if true then time to use miles and fly thru uk or germany.

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Nope. I just did a round trip on ua code share and had no issues whatsoever. Just the usual security BS at Narita - they issue all boarding passes at check in and your bags go straight through no issue. At NRT the ANA flight is in the same terminal - usually in the gates 40 - 47 area whilst the UA flights are in the 22 - 39 area. No issues.

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I had this happen to me in July. When I checked in at ANA, they only had me booked through to NRT. I had to show them a paper copy of my itinerary to get them to check my bag all the way to my destination. They could not issue me the tickets however, and I had to get boarding passes to my destination at NRT.


Hopefully they have gotten this sorted out. I am flying with them again next month.

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When I flew back this month, I went thru Narita on a United codeshare flight. Thai Airways from BKK to NRT. ANA from NRT to Chicago.


When I checked in at the Thai counter in BKK, I got boarding passes fro both flights, only had to go thru security in NRT, which was the emptiest I had ever seen BTW.

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