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renew drivers license

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I'm pretty sure you need a 1 year visa to get a 5 year licence.

Nearly. You need a non-Imm visa or a 1-year extension to get a 5-years licence.


I have heard the temporary licence is now for 2 years.

Yes. Seems like recent temporary licences are valid 2 years

and do not depend anymore of your birthday date.


No change that I know about 5-years licences.

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I understand you can now renew a month early, I had been told you had to wait for it to expire ?


Who knows ?


You always could I think. Last time i renewed i queried one of the fees and was told that is fine for not renewing before the old one expired, TIT

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Im there now..... very busy after the Thai closures for the king.
Being on the 13th my birthday coincides. Because of the anticipated crush I used a company this time. Tik Toc Services In jomtien.
Sooo.... glad I did.

Apart from sorting the immigration letter without me needing to do it..... they dealt with all the confusion when you get here.
No stress with getting numbers and what happens next which on a normal day I've handled myself.... Today without any thought as to collating all the paperwork, the queues and number slips.....Or even getting here, I was picked up at 7.....So I only had the stress of a colour-blindness test and the depth perception test. Which I bravely completed alone.....

It was so busy I'm sure Id have had to come back tomorrow had I not been a little advantaged queue wise.


Thoroughly recommend this company.
3000 all in for both licenses
Worth it to me.


Edit: It was 3000 per license ..........That's quite a difference.


Going a few days after my birthday I got 6 years......If I make it to 72 I doubt I'll renew the motor cycle license again.....I've only driven a bike, ( a girl's bike), a few times since I've lived here. Thought it prudent to keep one current........ but at 72??

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My thai better half has just informed of 10 license. Never heard of it anyone if it is thai only not ex-pats?

I saw the thought of license app that was stop but not this. any info welcome.

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